Now Open: Madrona Wine Merchants on 34th Ave

With a focus on “wine you can drink every day,” Madrona Wine Merchants opens its doors today (October 26) on 34th Ave just south of Union. “It may not be grand,” they said in a post on their website, but they are stocked and open.

As a partner in European Vine Selections on 15th Ave for about seven years, Madrona Wine Merchants co-founder Jim Maloney, who lives just down the hill from the new shop, saw the neighborhood as the perfect place to start a new venture.

“I watched the neighborhood grow, and it looked like a good spot,” he said. He and partner Mark Souder looked at several spots around the city, but sticking close to home seemed to make sense. “Why do that when you can do it right in your own backyard?” said Maloney.

The shop aims simply to sell “wines from all over the world that we like,” he said. They will have bottles starting around $8 or so, but their focus will be on the $10-20 range.

“Everyone likes the special occasion bottle, but you can’t drink it every day.”

Once the shop gets settled, they will host afternoon tastings on Saturdays.

Shop hours are Wednesday-Friday from noon to 7, Saturday from 11-7 and Sunday 11-5.

3 thoughts on “Now Open: Madrona Wine Merchants on 34th Ave

  1. Can’t wait to visit and while I appreciate lower priced wines, I’m curious about the selection. Would love a nice variety of high end wines as well.

  2. I’ll be stopping by soon. Hey Jomama! Were like in agreement and all. We must think alike.

  3. Well I visited and purchased a nice Barbaresco at Mark’s suggestion! Met Mark and Jim – nice guys, good selection (they were still stocking on Friday), can’t wait till it’s done. I especially liked their French selection.