Fire at The Facts vacant building E. Cherry and MLK

I just heard about a fire going on at the old Facts building – anybody know what happened?

EDITOR’S UPDATE: A fire broke out in the partially-demolished former Facts building shortly before 4:25 p.m. October 26. According to early reports from officers on the scene, it does not appear that anyone was injured in the vacant MLK and Cherry building.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. One witness said he saw someone running from the area shortly before the fire began. The scanner described the suspect as a black male wearing a gray jogging suit.

It is not yet clear if the suspect has anything to do with the fire.

UPDATE: The building was partially demolished earlier this year, and there is still a for sale sign at the corner.

Neighborhood photographer Truman Buffett happened on the scene and took a couple photos of the iconic, disappearing building.

Photo by Truman Buffett

Photo by Truman Buffett


4 thoughts on “Fire at The Facts vacant building E. Cherry and MLK

  1. … for all that you and your contributors do to keep us so informed about the activities in our community. It’s so appreciated!

  2. I drove by this building two days ago, before it burned. The chain link fence didn’t completely secure the property, and the front door was missing. It seemed to me that his was an open invitation to mischief. This building is an eyesore; and, based on the incident cited above, a danger to our neighborhood–as well as a drain on precious emergency-responder resources. Tear this mother down,now!

  3. i saw some people working on this building about 3-4 weeks ago. did they (the new owners of the property) start the fire for an insurance claim? Just asking?

  4. I don’t understand why this building is still there. Can it be declared a nuisance property?