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‘Are community councils part of the 99%?’

This is from the federation:

You are welcome and needed at Tuesday’s Oct. 25 SCCF meeting (7 p.m. at Central Area Senior Center), featuring a roundtable on tools for building a strong neighborhood association responsive to the community and respected at City Hall

Monthly Meeting –Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 7 p.m., Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Avenue South  98144
[This beautiful facility with free parking and a grand view of Lake Washington is just three blocks east of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. and one block south of S. Jackson Street]
Featured topic:  Are community councils part of the 99%?  Learn tools for building a strong neighborhood association responsive to the community and respected at city hall
Does it sometimes seem that the city council and the mayor pay little or no attention to neighborhoods?  Is it difficult for your group to mobilize neighbors on important issues?  Participate in this roundtable on effective organizing, fundraising and outreach to energize the grassroots and make a difference at city hall.  
Effective neighborhood associations are an absolute necessity in empowering the public and improving and protecting communities.  But effective action at the grassroots level doesn’t just happen–it needs a toolbox for organizing.  Don’t miss this October 25 roundtable to learn from each other and spotlight successful techniques.  Please bring stories of what works in your neighborhood, samples newsletters, e-newsletters, dues statements, etc. and your experiences of organizational challenges.
Topics that will be discussed include newsletters and door-to-door efforts, web sites and social media, dues and donations, public meetings and events, attracting and motivating volunteers, and any other topic you want to bring up.  If you can’t come, please send us your ideas or questions, to Chris Leman (206-322-5463) at [email protected] or Jeannie Hale at [email protected]
The October 25 meeting also includes our monthly Round Robin to share with others the recent issues and projects in your neighborhood.  If you have informational materials you would like distributed at the meeting, please e-mail electronic copies or links to [email protected].
7:00   Administration
1.       Call to order and introductions
2.       Minutes /Treasurer’s Report / President’s Report
7:10   Roundtable on techniques for building a strong neighborhood association (see above).  Please bring your stories and questions on what works. 
8:15   Update on the Department of Planning and Development’s Proposed Text Amendment on Siting Essential Public Facilities:  This measure would allow waiver of all development regulations in neighborhoods throughout Seattle.  SCCF is joint appellant of DPD’s declaration of non-significance; the appeal asks the Hearing Examiner to require an environmental impact statement on the proposal.     
8:30   Round Robin of issues and projects in your neighborhood
9:00   Adjourn

4 thoughts on “‘Are community councils part of the 99%?’

  1. No. Neighborhood groups are not a part of the 99%. The 99% whiners are insatiable social parasites. Neighborhood groups are built from contributing members of society that take personal action to grow their own wealth. The “99%” expect others to do the work. They have an endless list of complaints about how unfair everything is. Last time I checked 99% of were using cell phones, watching TV, surfing the net, driving cars (or bikes if we choose). Our standard of living remains extremely high. It could be even higher if it were not for the foolish choices we each make on a daily basis. Rampant consumerism is the problem of the consumer. You can by a one speed bike or a 21 speed bike. Most people splurge on the 18-21 speed. I wasted a bunch of money on a new car because I am old and wanted heated seats. So now I have to drink cheap wine. I am the 99% in that I am foolish, but, not so foolish as those creeps claiming to speak for us all. They do not. Nor do the silly heads on most of our neighborhood councils who love to spend money on chicanes and leave the streest unpaved. Dumb.

  2. Is Chris Leman seriously advising others how to gain respect at City Hall?! Chris is certainly well known at City hall – as one of the biggest goofballs in our City. A few years back he was arrested for physically assaulting a Department of Transportation receptionist after she was unable to help him locate a neighborhood transit plan.

    An article from the Seattle Times:

    An article from The Stranger provides links to even more of Leman’s bufoonery:

    Chris should only be followed if you want to become a laughingstock of our local leaders.

  3. I can’t lose my job – I am a retired state worker. I have to get by on a pension of $4200/month with increasing portion of my money going to pay 10% of my medical insurance cost. I have ot wait a few more years to apply for social security – if I take that now I would only get an additional $1800/month. In a few years I can pull in more but it will be really tight.