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Dead Cat

On Saturday morning we were having coffee and noticed a dead cat in the middle of our front yard.  This was distressing by itself, but when I went outside to try to look closer for identification…it was very disturbing.  The cat had been cut in half and only the lower portion of the cat was remaining.  I was unable to locate the other half of the body or any other signs of distress.

I reported this to the Seattle Animal Shelter as possible animal cruelty. 

I wanted others to be aware of this terrible incident and ask that others be reported to Seattle Animal Shelter at (206) 386-7387. 

Hopefully this was a one time incident , as I don’t know of any enemies or witches.

12 thoughts on “Dead Cat

  1. I remember reading of a similar incident several months ago, but I don’t remember where I read it or whether it was a dog or a cat. What a sad thing to find.

  2. Thanks for reporting it, I was thinking that people with cats might like a warning. I sure hope it was an isolated incident and that the people who did it don’t live anywhere near here. I have heard about people doing bad things to black cats near Halloween, but I was hoping it was just urban legend. Poor kitty.

  3. Yes, thank you for reporting it.
    That is very disturbing and it’s a shame you had to personaly be witness to the end result of something so awful.

    R.I.P kitty.

  4. Thanks for reporting it. Hopefully they get caught before anymore innocent animals get hurt.

  5. It was very probably a coyote that killed the cat. They wander into the CD every few years or so, always in fall. We moved to the CD in Sept 2006, and within a few weeks had a dead cat in front of our house. We freaked out (is it a message to us? rampant animal cruetly?), but our neighbors who’ve been here forever let us know the pattern. When we called Animal Control to have them get the body they confirmed it. My guess is that there will unfortunately be more cases of this around the neighborhood in the coming weeks, and a marked increase in the numbers of missing cats signs. So for those of you on here with outdoor cats – you might consider keeping them indoors for the next few weeks! And spread the word.

  6. Racoons and coyotes do this sort of thing all the time – they eat just part of the cat and/or carry part away for later. It’s probably not human action.

  7. Indeed, propably the work of varmits. Cats themselves frequently deposit half eating animals. I notice that cats go for the head first and leave the ass end. A young Coyote may start at the ass end as it finds food there that was not properly digested. Poor quality kibble can seem food like on passing. You may even be able to survive on it in an emergency.

  8. I saw the body and it was cleanly cut in half with no sign of mess around it. I cannot possibly imagine how a coyote could be that tidy, although I would sure rather beleive a wild animal was around here than a feral person.

  9. Predators are often very tidy with their kills so they aren’t tracked themselves.

    Chances are the cat was killed somewhere else and the carcass left in the spot you found it. Again, predators often move their kills so they can keep it away from others drawn to the site of the kill.

    I hope this is what happened, and it’s not some deranged human sicko.

  10. Yup, during the 2006 spate as well I was surprised by how cleanly the coyote had dealt with its prey as well. (I live near Plum Tree Park, and by the end of the whole season I had seen 3-4 dead cats). That is apparently how they do it. As a dyed-in-the-wool urbanite, I was surprised in many ways by the whole experience.