Man killed in fire at 19th and Howell identified as Taj Randall

The man killed in a house fire Sunday has been identified as Taj Abdul Randall, 36.

He was in the basement of a house on the SW corner of 19th and Howell when the fire began. Seattle Fire determined the fire was started by “combustibles stored too close to a baseboard heater.”

SFD was called to the scene around 1:15 p.m October 16. They were able to put the fire out in 10-15 minutes, but Randall died on the scene.

The Medical Examiner determined Randall’s cause of death was smoke inhalation and thermal burns. It has been ruled an accident.

Seattle Times reports that heating equipment is the cause of many deaths each year:

Fires started by heating equipment cause an average of 560 deaths a year and injure more than 1,600 Americans, the Seattle Fire Department said, citing statistics from the National Fire Protection Association.

Residents should check baseboard heaters often and remove objects — such as newspapers, furniture or blankets — that are on top of or near the heater, the department says.

In our previous post, commenter JR had the following to say about Randall:

Rest in paradise Taj “Tizzy T” Randall. You were a brother to many and you will truly be missed. Praying for your family and everyone who loves you.

4 thoughts on “Man killed in fire at 19th and Howell identified as Taj Randall

  1. I am very sorry for the family and friends of this man, lost in the prime years of his life.

    People who always look for the worst are pathetic and will only bring negativity back to themselves. There has been a generally stinky overtone to many of the comments in here lately, and on many of the other local news blogs. One has to wonder what perversity inspires such comments.

  2. i didnt know you but my brother mourns for you. my prayers go out to the randall family. i don’t know what words would comfort you but i know God can and will

  3. I used to live a block from this home. It’s so sad. I hope his family is finding some peace.

    And I’m going to double check the placement of all flammables in my basement. :/