Madrona Community Council meeting October 4

From the Madrona Community Council:

Join us on Tuesday, October 4, at 7:15 at the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse for the Madrona Community Council meeting where you can visit with neighbors, share your ideas and concerns, and find out more about the goings-on in the neighborhood.

The meeting’s agenda includes discussion of the upcoming Halloween Party and Wine Tasting events; SDOT’s plan for sidewalk repair/tree removal; potential ways to support Madrona K-8 school; and council business, including open nominations for officer elections.

4 thoughts on “Madrona Community Council meeting October 4

  1. I think not enough has been written about the impending massive tree removal “sidewalk repair” (of which there are many other more-used sidewalks in Madrona esp the CBD of 34th and union–that are in dire need of replacement.

    The trees are beautiful mature specimen even though they are non-natives. The sidewalk repair–even if it must be done ever 20 years or so–SHOULD NOT NECESSITATE THE REMOVAL OF NEARLY ALL TREES FROM THE WEST SIDE OF 34TH FROM SPRING TO MARION.

    I hope that people in the neighborhood-while ADA compliant sidewalks are extremely important–wake up and see that these gorgeous red maples trees, about to turn color, are equally as important to this main artery street.

    There are other most likely more costly solutions to the sidewalk repair/replacement issue. Flexible sidewalks, rerouting of sidewalks, paver usage–all could be employed to prevent to the removal of some trees. To remove all of them would be a near criminally-sanctioned act. THe trees that would replace them, which more numerous, will be much smaller, unprotected, and would take many decades to return to the current state.

    This is what neighborhoods all over Seattle want–mature street trees, they provide buffers from high winds, and prevent radiant heat ozone causing effects, and bind up much much more carbon than any one single private landowner in Madrona could accomplish. There must be another solution to the sidewalk repair other than removal of these mature trees.

  2. It seems like the city used to be more strict about cutting down trees. It definitely is environmentally desirable to let the trees live and only replace as necessary. Whose comments will the city value on this?

  3. It breaks my heart to cut down all those trees — and I believe SDOT is planning to do more tree-cutting on Union and Marion next year. It seems like the ADA issue can be used randomly — there are SO many broken sidewalks and it is not as if they are or will be all repaired. The other side of 34th has an inviting and wide sidewalk. It is the side we use when I walk with my wheelchair-bound sister. Walking in Madrona (and many other neighborhood) with her always presents challenges but we work it out.

    When I go to Ballard, I wonder how much nicer it would be if it hadn’t been scraped clean of the trees.

  4. Certainly the sidewalk could be graded-raised to not interfere with these trees..maybe a little root pruing but to remove all these mature specimen seems drastic and untoward the ideas of this community. part of what make madrona so attractive to others for shopping and strolling are the lovely trees. This will lower property values and make one entry–the flattest most walkable entry to our CBD–much much less inviting. Please find another way. Can anyone come up with a plausible reason other than the quickest, cheapest route to adhering to ADA guidelines–which are important for certain but so our lovely pollution fighting noice dampening trees.