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Leschi Elementary Walks to School!

Today was Walk to School Day at Leschi Elementary, and over 200 kids got to school without a car!  Maybe you saw us waving flags and obeying traffic lights on 4 different “walking school busses,” some coming as far away as Yesler Community Center.  Walk to School day encourages families to leave the car at home, to meet others walking on your route and teaches kids safe walking/biking habits.  Go Leschi Kids!

2 thoughts on “Leschi Elementary Walks to School!

  1. Go kids! So many smiles. Looks like a fun time.

    Things like this remind me how much I loved being a kid. Wish I could go back. Sometimes.

  2. I saw a bunch of kids walking toward Leschi yesterday and was wondering what this was about. Good job staying on the sidewalks and obeying all the traffic signals :-) Way to go, kids!