Crime Roundup: Man asks to borrow cell phone, drives away with it

A man ran off with someone’s cell phone shortly before 2 p.m. September 27 after asking to use it near 26th and Union. The suspect, who was described as a “very obese” black male, ran to a car and drove away.

From the police report:

15-year-old jumped for cell phone near 15th and Spruce

A 15-year-old boy was jumped about 5:15 p.m. September 27 while walking on the sidewalk near 15th and Spruce. Four teenage black males approached him, and one of the suspects demanded the victim’s cell phone. When he refused to hand over the phone, one of the suspects kicked it out of his hand. When he attempted to pick it up, the suspects assaulted him.

From the police report:

Police find victim of Capitol Hill assault stumbling near 23rd and Columbia

Police were called to a Capitol Hill night club near Pike and Boren shortly before 8 p.m. September 26 after someone reported that 2-3 males were assaulting someone on the sidewalk. However, the suspects and victim were gone by the time police arrived.

Eight hours later, police stopped a man who appeared to be intoxicated stumbling down the street near 23rd and Columbia. When they approached the man, they saw he had “severe injuries to his face, and his shirt and arms were covered with a significant amount of dried blood,” according to the police report. One eye was swollen shut and the officer believed he may have had broken bones in his face.

The man was reluctant to talk at first, but eventually told police he had been jumped outside a bar in Capitol Hill after getting into an argument inside the bar with one of the suspects. He was also missing his wallet and keys, but he was not sure if one of the suspects stole them or not.

Medics transported him to the hospital.

6 thoughts on “Crime Roundup: Man asks to borrow cell phone, drives away with it

  1. Someone unbolted and stole the catalytic converter from my car while parked on the street infront of my house this week. A few weeks ago they broke out the window and stole the stereo from our other car, also parked on the street. If only I could catch them in the act! Just keep trying assholes.

  2. Ya – the are stealing the catalitic converters now. You can get about $60 each from the Recycle Depot based on the Platinum content. Best park in the garage from not on.

  3. That Recycle Depot is the biggest menace to the CD! My neighbors aluminum gutters were stolen last week. I keep seeing bicycles, alloy wheels, electrical equipment, plumbing, etc. dropped off by people who ovbiously do not own much of anything. Certainly not a $2000 set of Escalade wheels. SPD must be selling crack to the theives to fund the dirty cop relief program.

  4. Yep, I ran a guy out of my yard – he was carrying off my 8′ Aluminum step ladder that I had been using. Just went in for lunch. I new right where he was going so I caught him coming out of the alley behind @Cafe onto Dearborn. I hit him in the shins with a pipe and went home with the ladder. The dufus was crying like a baby. Got my ladder back and never heard from the cops about that crooks leg.