Couple claims anarchists vandalized their 24th and Dearborn home

A couple living near 24th and Dearborn says their house was vandalized by someone throwing light bulbs filled with paint. According to Jonah at Publicola, the couple told police they believe the vandalism was done by anarchists, stemming from disagreements between the recently-closed radical community space Autonomia and some of its neighbors.

From Publicola:

A Central District couple awoke Wednesday morning to find shards of glass in their yard and red paint splattered on the side of their home. The couple told police they believe they’re being targeted by anarchists.  The city recently cracked down on an anarchist hangout house in the neighborhood, forcing the ad hoc venue, known as Autonomia, to close down.

A police report says someone threw paint-filled lightbulbs at the Central District couple’s home on 24th Ave S. and S. Dearborn St, leaving twenty-foot high spatters of red paint. One of the residents told officers her family had ”ongoing problems” with anarchists associated with Autonomia, an anarchist hangout—which, until recently, was located just down the block from the couple’s home—and told police she “believes the anarchist group…caused the damage to her house.”

21 thoughts on “Couple claims anarchists vandalized their 24th and Dearborn home

  1. While individuals are on Dearborn looking for another reason to call the police on young black people hanging out this is going on. Peace to this family that had to go through this, 1.

  2. How do you fill a light bulb with paint? And why weren’t the anarchists using CFL’s?

  3. All they are doing with these actions is confirming they are lousy individuals. Just adds even more justification to getting them out of the neighborhood.

  4. I don’t know, Staytrue 2500, maybe you haven’t been on Dearborn in about 15 years, because what I mostly see is old, tired creaky whores crapping in the bushes where they can and a bunch of used up drug users trying to get a quick fix, scanning the parking lot at Parnell’s for the dealers, and tossing 40s around the neighborhood like they don’t live here too.

    There’s no reason to hang out on Dearborn and no place for “good kids” to do it. Calling the cops on illegal activity on Dearborn, you bet!

    But I agree with you: peace to the family that had to go through this.

  5. jesus jonah, can you report on something relevant besides “local teenagers vandalize some fools”. anarchists my ass, your sensationalist bullshit needs to stop..

  6. thanks andrew taylor for posting that, i was also wondering how the hell you put paint in a light bulb.

  7. where else are young black youth supposed to hang out if not in their own neighborhood? did YOU hang out in you’re neighborhood with other neighborhood kids when you were a kid? if you say no you’re either lying or had no social life

  8. I don’t live on Dearborn but I do pass Parnell’s often as I am very near (judkins park). I don’t see many kids… just middle aged men and women and open air dealing and buying. I wouldn’t want my kids hanging around that type of environment. Just a thought about where you might suggest your kids (or your neighbors kids) hang out. Kids are impressionable and their are definitely better impressions to be found.

  9. Indeed the Parnell’s croud that spills down Dearborn and into the park are not nice young neighborhood kids. They are raunchy, ugly, warn out drug dealers and prostitutes. They need to be run out of the Park and out of the neighborhood.

  10. i was born and raised on Dearborn street still on Dearborn street and I have a Bachelors in Marketing from an accredited University. Dont judge a book by its cover when you call the police are youngsters that are just hanging out. Unless your out there you dont know what is going on, thats that ignorant sht im talking about smh Peace.

  11. i agree completely. most of these people up in that neighborhood will never admit that they don’t like or trust black kids.. nice to their face and then they call the cops on them when they are hanging out at parnells

  12. Hey Breeder,
    (or should we call you troll)? This forum was designed for this type of discussion and ‘news’ so go troll elsewhere or deal. Please and thank you.

  13. Since when does nobody in this hood trust black kids? And for what reasons would people not trust them? What Kind of BS are you guys spewing?