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Break-ins on 32nd Ave

From an e-mail from a friend:

Just a note to say that we’ve had four houses on 32nd Ave broken into in the last three weeks.  There seems to be a group of people who are watching the houses on our block to see when people aren’t home and then breaking into the rear of the houses when people are gone. 

I have tried to get more concrete information but other than the fact that someone with red hair and a beard was taking pictures of one of the victims houses, we’re not getting much.

9 thoughts on “Break-ins on 32nd Ave

  1. Not good. We had a mugging last week as well next door to us in the 900 block. Can you share which blocks have had the break-ins?

  2. That sucks Bruce.
    I walk through there quite a bit!

    Friend’s house is a few blocks North from you.
    They’re not exactly fancy houses that side, which makes me wonder if there’s local connection in the ‘hood…

  3. Not complaining, but have you noticed that other areas of Seattle seem to get higher priority for increased police presence when they complain and get themselves on the news? I do not believe that their complaints are not warrented, nor that with our growing loss of budget that these police resources are not getting spread increasingly thin, but our CD neighborhoods seem to be having an increased safty issue as well. If we do not stand up, and if necessary get on the news, our local CD neighborhoods will continue to receive less and less resource allocation and assistance, and become an area where we fear leaving our homes again. For several years now I have felt, and been safe out on our streets at night, and now I am becoming increasingly worried to be out in the day. We do not deserve this!

  4. Are they stealing? Are they perverts? Burglery is unlawfull entry with intent to commit a crime. What additional crimes are the commiting? Let’s get these guys, or your neighbor’s kid who ever it may be.

  5. could you provide more info? What blocks are these occurring and what time of day?

    Is the house that the red bearded guy taking pictures of on the market or going on the market soon? You will often see appraisers taking photos of houses when they are about to go for sale OR are in the process of refinancing.

    Is there any other info? Entry from an alley? coming in through a gate?
    I live on an adjacent/parallel street and would love more information.

  6. Can you please give some more details? I also live on the 900 block and it would be extremely valuable info to know for safety’s sake which houses have been hit, and where the person was mugged.

  7. Effectively address these concerns at next East Precinct Advisory Council meeting! This is the platform to discuss this issue… Police command staff will be present to hear you and respond.

    Thursday October 27th, 6 PM, Seattle University, Chardin Hall, Room 142
    1020 East Jefferson. (Entrance at 11th and E Jefferson, free parking in front of building)

    I hope to see my neighbors there!
    -Stephanie Tschida, EastPAC Chair

  8. Yes, there have been break-ins here on 32nd Ave near the center of Madrona. These people have attempted to break into 2 houses without success and they’ve broken into two other houses and stolen items from them.

    The Seattle Police Department has not only been very responsive but we have been asked to call them if we see anything unusual and they will respond quickly.

    I saw 25 adults walk down our street today and it was unusual, but I did not call SPD. They looked like they were having fun and not trying to steal anything from anyone’s house.

    Please keep an eye out, but please also don’t panic. Our neighbors have put signs up on phone poles on our street to warn potential burglars that we are watching for them. They are very visible and we are on patrol regularly.

  9. I just saw a guy that has a red beard dressed in a gray hoodie with a dark jacket wearing sunglasses. He was standing in Gerber Park the one that is on the corner of MLK and Cherry. Then he walked down Temple and disappeared. Little odd. This guy wasn’t taking pictures, or waiting for the bus. I’m a little freaked out.