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Speak up now to save the 4+ acre Jose Rizal Dog Off-Leash Area. The Seattle Parks Department wants to reduce the off-leash area to a fraction of its current size and allow orchard, forest, and garden advocates to use land now devoted to dog off-leash use.

Attend a critical meeting tonight to demand that the off-leash area stay its current size and tell Parks Department officials to improve the area and not to give our hard won  and greatly needed land to other interest groups.

Protest the Parks Department plan:

6:30-8:00 pm

Thursday, October 20


Jefferson Community Center

3801 Beacon Avenue, S.

Seattle, WA


If you cannot attend tonight’s meeting it’s critical that you send your “letters of protest” and tell Parks Department officials to make improvements to the site instead of cutting its size to a small percentage of what it is today. Write to:


Brenda Kramer, Parks Department Liaisson, [email protected]

Chris Williams, Superintendent, Parks and Recreation, [email protected]

Eric Friedli, Deputy Superintendent, [email protected]

Sally Bagshaw, City Councilmember, Parks Committee, [email protected]

                                                                                                                           Frieda Adams


  1. Honestly, growing food, especially these days, seems to be more important than this off-leash area.

  2. Agreed. I think I’m going to attend to advocate for a garden and an orchard. Sounds like a great idea.

  3. Sure, but do you really want to grow food in a dog run? Dog poop is not manure, you know.

  4. I am a dog owner. I think growing an orchard may trump a dog run. Personally I’d rather walk through an orchard with my leashed dogs than in an off leash dog park.

  5. the closest off leash dog parks to the CD are capitol hill (over I5) and genesee. i’ve never used this one, but it seems like it should stay. people on this blog often complain about playgrounds at local schools being used as unofficial off leash dog areas…do we need fewer official ones to complicate this issue?

  6. I tried to take my dog to this park once about a year ago. There was a homeless man camped out in the bushes along with garbage that often goes along with such camps. I never let my dog of his leash and never went back. I don’t want my dog eating garbage or coming in contact with worse things such as needles and other harmful substances. I never let him off the leash and have never been back. The idea may have been that the dogs would make the area safer but if the park is not kept clean and does not feel safe I am not taking fido there. Maybe having the bike path there now will make it less of a homeless hang out and more people will use it. My understanding the changes would make the dog area smaller but not eliminate it. Maybe those changes will make it a better and safer area for everyone including the dogs.

  7. I politely take my dog on leash to what ever park I want and then run around with him off leash if others aren’t around. And even if they are around and have no reason to be concerned I still keep at it. I only leash up if there are kids with food or dogs that I am uncertain about. Some people wine but I just tell the to stfu and move along. I mean why would you want to get an avid rule breaker like me ticked off. Just go crawl home and cry ya baby.