Watch the Reel Grrls summer program videos focused on media justice

The Reel Grrls summer apprenticeship videos are now available for viewing online.

As we reported last week, the summer apprenticeship at Reel Grrls changed its focus this year after the program’s funding was threatened by Comcast. This year, the videos produced focused on media justice issues, including topics like net neutrality and low power FM radio.

Because Reel Grrls is based out of a building at 21st and Union, many of the videos take place around the CD.

Here’s one net neutrality video that takes place in the CD’s very own Union Market, less than a block from the Reel Grrls headquarters:

Internet Freedom #2 from Reel Grrls on Vimeo.

You can check out the other summer apprenticeship videos, including a video recap of the Comcast debacle, at the Reel Grrls Vimeo page.

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