Try Something New in the Neighborhood for only $2

Have you been to the Garfield Community Center lately? If not, walk on over to try one of the great weekly classes offered at the community center. Drop in to select classes for only $2 if you are new to the class.  Hurry, because the Try It for $2 deal ends September 30th.

Garfield Community Center
2323 E Cherry St

The Try it for $2 deal features:

Evening Yoga (My Class!)
Tuesday & Thursday from  7:15-8:30pm

Saturday 11am-12:30pm
Monday & Wednesday 6:60-8:45pm

Northwest Karate
Saturday 10-11am
Tuesday & Thursday 5-6pm

Ballet (3yrs and 4-5yrs)
Tuesday & Thursday 5-5:50pm & 6-6:50pm

0 thoughts on “Try Something New in the Neighborhood for only $2

  1. I’d like to try the yoga class. Is it clear where to go when I get there? Is just the first class $2? How much after that?