Burglary Roundup: Where are break-ins happening around the neighborhood?

We’re trying something new at Central District News: A regular burglary roundup. Using the awesome 911Seattle live crime map created by Instivate, the parent company for this site and Capitol Hill Seattle.

The map below shows the location of many reported burglaries, both residential and commercial, in the neighborhood in the past two weeks. We don’t promise that this is all of them, but it gives you an idea of where they are occurring:

Here are a few details from some of the police reports:

Two bikes were stolen from a garage near 26th and Yesler September 10.

A house alarm near 29th Ave S and Dearborn alerted police to an attempted break-in at a house there. There were signs that the burglars attempted to gain access, but were unsuccessful or scared away by the alarm.

A burglar stole the secure key box to a building at 34th and Pike in Madrona and gained access to the parking area. The burglar broke into at least two vehicles and stole items, including a GPS and some sunglasses. The burglar also stole the rent check drop box, but it was empty.


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  1. About a month ago, 4-5 houses got hit around MLK between Union & Madison. My house was hit, but my partner caught the guy on the way out and retrieved our laptop. Police came out and confirmed that it was likely part of a string of burglaries by a group. We were told their MO is to try doors and windows for access, get in and grab all electronics and get out quickly to a waiting car/driver. May be a white sedan used for the getaway.