Shots fired near Garfield, nobody hit

Police are looking for three suspects after shots were fired near Garfield September 16 shortly before midnight. The SPD report says the incident happened on a concrete ledge “near the pool.”

From SPD:

On 9/16/2011, just shortly before midnight, officers responded to a report of shots fired near Cherry Street and 26th Ave.

According to the victims, they were sitting on a concrete ledge near the pool, when a group of three unknown males between the ages of 18 and 19 years old approached them. One of the suspects suddenly began shooting at the victims. Luckily no one was hit. The victims stated that there was no verbal argument or words exchanged before the gunfire broke out. The victims were not sure which of the two suspects fired the gun.

Initially, a witness identified a red Dodge Magnum seen leaving the area, as a possible suspect vehicle. Officers were able to locate the vehicle. However, it was determined that the occupant and the vehicle were not involved in the incident.

There is no current indication that any of the victims have gang affiliations.

One victim sustained minor scrapes and scratches from falling as he was running away from the shooting scene.

The suspects are described as :

1) B/M 18-19 years old, Black Ski Hat, Dark North Face Jacket

2) B/M 18-19 years old, Dark North Face Jacket

3) B/M 18-19 years old, Baggy Blue Flannel shirt.

The victims disagreed as to whether S1 or S2 fired the shots.

0 thoughts on “Shots fired near Garfield, nobody hit

  1. 26th and Cherry and “concrete ledge near the pool” do not correspond. C’mon SPD and CDN… you can do better.

  2. It appears the call came in to that location. Doesn’t always mean it’s precisely there. Could be where police met the victims (after they ran) or could be where a caller originally thought the shots came from.

    That’s why we went with “near Garfield,” since it was not immediately clear at which part of the pool it occurred.

  3. This happened last week, why must you be so snotty about location location location today? It’s not like this information will be helpful to you now? I am always amazed at the criticism on these posts. Like you could do better huh?

  4. This was posted on the 17th and it happened 3 days ago. I’m not trying to be snotty. My point was addressed by Tom but thanks for your 2 pennies. When reporting neighborhood crime it seems logical that the location would be correct. Again, Tom addressed this in his response. So what is YOUR reason for being so snotty?

  5. I am more interested in getting the jist of a story affecting my neighborhood, than I am in the correct use of nouns, spelling, or absolutely, down to the 2 penny location. Still, I do enjoy junior giving me something.. or someone to laugh at ( just being positive here! )