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Leschi Elementary’s treasure:!3{2}Crossing Guard Henrietta Price

King 5 ran a great story on “Mama Henrietta,” an iconic crossing guard at Leschi Elementary. She made such an impact on the school in the past 25 years that when SPD cut the crossing guard program, the community came together to pay her salary.

From King 5:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks, pjon27th, for the link. We summarized the story and embedded it in this post.


0 thoughts on “Leschi Elementary’s treasure:!3{2}Crossing Guard Henrietta Price

  1. I used to walk by her crosswalk on a regular basis & always got a “Good Morning Beautiful!”. That video story was right on: Henrietta is one of the great additions to our neighborhood, city, world!
    Love you Darling! Thank you!

  2. I so remember Henrietta from the days my own children attended Leschi! No matter how difficult my morning was, getting four kids out the door and off to school, how tired I was from catching up on housework the night before, Henrietta always immediately changed my mood from frustrated to happy! She still makes the neighborhood a better place, giving the same genuine, upbeat “Good Morning” greeting, no matter what the weather or what’s happening in the world.
    Henrietta, you make our day! Thank You!