You can now bring your kid to Twilight Exit on weekends until 5

Attention folks who like lunch, beer and children: Starting this weekend, children will be allowed into Twilight Exit (with supervision) Saturdays and Sundays until 5 p.m. From Twilight Exit’s Facebook page:

Ok, breeders. Starting this weekend you can bring your rug-rats in with you until 5pm (Sat & Sun only). Just a few rules…all children must be accompanied by an adult, no children in lounge, no Justin Bieber shirts, and for the safety of staff and other patrons all kids must muzzled and leashed at all times. Also before you start complaining about this, remember, you were a kid once too.

When we talked to Steve Mollmann, owner of Twilight Exit (a CDN advertiser), in December, he mentioned that they were working to allow children during weekend lunch. However, the Washington Liquor Control Board required some changes that needed to be ironed out.

A recent addition, closing off part of the entrance to the bar.

In order to allow children, there can only be 10 feet of entrance between the bar and the seating area, said Mollmann. So they installed a new barrier blocking part of the space.

“I don’t know why we didn’t do that before,” said Mollmann. “It adds more seating. They also will need to set up a rope line to separate the seating area from the shuffleboard table because, for some reason, that’s a rule.

Mollmann said allowing kids, at least for lunch, has been a common request at the Twilight. But the big push for the changes came from his home. He has a four-month-old child now, and he wants to be able to bring his kid with him without breaking the law.


0 thoughts on “You can now bring your kid to Twilight Exit on weekends until 5

  1. I have been waiting for this for a while now. Good afternoon, Twilight. I’d like some lunch.

  2. “remember, you were a kid once too.”

    I remember being a kid who wasn’t permitted to go to bars.

  3. This is great news and a smart business move to include kids in a neighborhood spot where I see more and more strollers everyday. We’ve wanted to check out Twilight’s brunch for a while, but couldn’t ’cause of junior. Now we can. Hooray!

  4. Wow, what a warm invitation and welcome. I assume you are kidding, but given that Seattle is already pretty kid unfriendly, it would be nice to see an establishment actually acknowledge children as future contributors to society and setting a respectful and progressive example of how people of all ages should be treated. None the less, good luck with the new business move.

  5. I’m pretty sure he was kidding (the owner) – he has a kid now too. The article from December kind of laid the groundwork for this one.

  6. i can’t even go to my neighborhood BAR to get away from kids??? i don’t like ’em! they’re loud and annoying. guess i’ll have to go in after 5 on the weekends — which sucks because i love Twilight’s weekend lunch menu!