Shots fired around 21st and Cherry?

I was awoken last night by about 10 apparent gunshots fired in quick succession a few minutes after 1am. I live at 21st and Cherry. Anyone else hear anything or know what happened?

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  1. I could have sworn I heard a series of pops and then a pause and several more Friday night, around 11pm. Around Yesler and 18th, but very faint, such as off in the distance. I guess people around here are just getting used to gunfire as part of the soundtrack. Too bad. It still scares the cr*p out of me, especially since I come home from work very late at night.

  2. Late reply, but I was just browsing the forum and saw this. I moved into a house at 21st & Cherry in August 2011 and I distinctly remember this incident. All of my roommates were pretty freaked out. Never saw any follow-up on news sites or anything and I checked for about a week after.

  3. But the truth would be deleted for offensiveness. Funny how people can get away with doing something. What you can’t do is have an honest dialog about what’s going on.