Missing a cat?

Two nights ago, a friendly stray cat came around our house and hasn’t left. He’s small and looks like he’s been out for a very long time – covered in fleas, dirty, very skinny. He’s incredibly trusting and friendly with people, though, so I think he must have at one point been someone’s pet and is not feral.

We’re taking him to the animal shelter today to get cleaned up and may take him back to foster him until someone claims him or wants to adopt him. I just wanted to be sure he’s not someone’s missing, loved pet first.

We’re near the corner of 19th and Jefferson. If you live nearby and have lost your cat, please call and give us a description.206-356-8547


0 thoughts on “Missing a cat?

  1. Hi Kari, You’ve probably seen the sign on a lamppost at Jefferson and 20th about a missing male kitten. But wanted to make sure. The cat in the picture is a brown tabby. — Melissa