Due to lack of summer, more days scheduled for Powell Barnett Wading Pool

When the neighborhood came together to keep the wading pool at Powell Barnett Park open this year, we didn’t know the summer was going to be so lackluster. Not that the summer hasn’t been nice and enjoyable, but we have not exactly gotten our $4,400 worth out the pool.

But it’s not over yet. Though August 20 was supposed to be the pool’s last day open, the city announced additional days for many wading pools around town, including Powell Barnett.

Opening day 2011

The wading pool is scheduled to be open from noon to 7 p.m. August 27 and September 3.

The pool was marked for closure by the city due to budget cuts, but a citizen-led effort formed to raise the money necessary to keep it open for the summer. With the help of Central District News and our sister site Capitol Hill Seattle, All-Purpose Pizza (a CDN advertiser) and 60 different community members, organizers raised the money needed to open the pool Saturdays for much of the summer.

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