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Beehive Bakery now open at 23rd & Union

Today is the first day with the doors open and baked goods in the display case. The bakery is still unfinished and the whole selection won’t be available til Monday. It is a soft opening to get warmed up for being a full service bakery very soon. Beehive is serving both sweet and savory baked goods as well as gluten-free baked goods. Cinnamon rolls appear to be one of their specialties with four variations. Only the sweet items are available at the moment but this will be expanded on Monday. Beehive is a certified Kosher bakery with their new certificate proudly displayed on the front counter. There are also espresso drinks and coffee.

The paper has been taken down from the windows but the signs are still in pieces in the dining area. It is still a work in progress but exciting to see the new activity on the corner.

0 thoughts on “Beehive Bakery now open at 23rd & Union

  1. Too far from me to make it a regular stop, but I will definitely check it out soon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Not only is a new bakery awesome in the neighborhood, but you are also kosher??? THAT ROCKS! Will be stopping by soon.

  3. Wow! Finally it’s open. I wish them luck and will stop by this week to check it out. What’s going on with the carwash? Lately everytime I stop by most of the stalls are closed, they seem to be doing something but no one is around.

  4. I too got a cinnamon roll! I spoke to the woman behind the counter. I was glad to hear that it will open as early as 6am, but that it isn’t likely to stay open much past 1pm or 2pm. She said perhaps they would be able to work it out where they are open until 4pm.

    I was hoping for a place to be open later so that there would be more of a night-time presence/additional stability on that corner. However, I’m really glad that *something* is open at that location.

    The finished parts of the inside look really sharp! Best of luck to them! :-)

  5. Cinnamon rolls were great and the staff was very friendly. So happy the place finally opened! Can’t wait to try their full menu.

  6. So glad there will be some gluten free options nearby. Looking forward to going there soon.

  7. They should stay open until 6. Sell cakes and pies that people can pick up for dessert.

  8. same lady told me they’d eventually add sandwiches and soups. I wouldn’t expect late night anything there.

  9. Car Wash – We’re replacing all the older self serve equipment with more modern enviro-friendly equipment. Should be back up and running in a few weeks. In the meantime, the two new automatics are operational.

  10. My daughter and I stopped by today and bought 3. At $3 each, one was enough for both of us to share. The kosher certification is through the Seattle Vaad with more products to come. We are so happy a kosher bakery has opened, thank you.

  11. There’s a french bakery in Crossroads that stays open until 7:oo PM. They seem to do steady business prior to closing and do not discount any items.

    Just a thought.