After years shuttered, Beehive Bakery opens in the old Philly’s building

Activity returned to one more corner at 23rd and Union this week as Beehive Bakery had a “soft” opening in the old Philly’s Cheese Steak building. The bakery and coffee shop is functional, but the owners are still working to get things in order and make changes to the look of the space, both inside and out.

“The awning will disappear in time and will go for a more retro look,” said Ken Collins, who owns the business with his wife Jane. When CDN stopped by August 5, the signs planned for outside the building were being stored in the dining area, and tools were strewn about. But Ken and Jane wanted to get the doors open before the Umojafest Parade and start getting feedback from the neighborhood.

Jane Collins serves a baked good on Beehive’s first day in business

“Don’t be afraid to tell us the truth,” said Jane. “We want you to come back.”

The bakery is certified kosher by Va’ad HaRabinum of Greater Seattle. Even the Cafe D’Arte coffee is they serve is kosher.

“We thought it would be helpful to people with different dietary needs” to be kosher, said Jane.

The building has been vacant ever since the 2008 murder of Philly’s owner Dejene Berecha inside the shop. The shooter, Rey Alberto Davis-Bell, was found guilty in 2010, but the space had remained closed.

In fact, it was closed for so long that all the permits had expired, which delayed the opening of Beehive Bakery several months.

“Once an establishment is vacant for more than 12 months, it’s like ‘go back to go,'” said Ken. “We appreciate everyone’s patience.” However, some of the codes have changed, most notably regarding the drive-through. The bakery cannot reopen the drive-through window, but they hope to perhaps put some outdoor seating there or maybe make it a walk- or bike-up window.

By the end of September, phase two of the renovations should be complete and the shop will look much different. But until then, you can still stop in for coffee and fresh baked goods. The hours are still in flux, but they hope to open by 6 a.m. and stay open into the early evening, about 5:30 or so. Sunday will have shorter hours, they said.

The bakery menu:


0 thoughts on “After years shuttered, Beehive Bakery opens in the old Philly’s building

  1. It is ridiculous! The store was closed too long and is no longer grandfathered to have the drive through. The pedestrian overlay of the whole neighborhood doesn’t allow businesses like drive throughs, gas stations or car washes. The city wants to force pedestrian friendly businesses. Not a bad ideal but not reality.

  2. Beginning to get quite a few shops on E. Union. Still like Katy’s but the kids turn me off. Maybe things will be better here.

    Welcome to the hood!

  3. I wonder if the neighbors could petition the city…?
    After all, I’d love to bike through…maybe they’d listen if it were a “drive/bike” through

  4. Now that Im retired I plan on having my midday coffee and read the paper there. I have been there twice and the servers are very friendly and helpful and a 2.00 cup of coffee is not bad. I hope that we in the neighborhood support this business. Lots of foot traffic and maybe once the signs go up and the final product is finished the traffic will stop and enjoy a nice scone and coffee. I hope to see some more neigborhood people the next time I visit.

  5. We were warmly welcomed to the Beehive Bakery by Jane.
    We purchased a cinnamon roll and were treated to a corn muffin.
    Both were delicious.

    Have seen lots of cars parked in the side lot. Hope that means that business is

  6. The orange cinnamon rolls are great. The service is friendly and they value your patronage. I can’t wait to taste new selections as they add items to their menu and look forward to the many visits in the future.

  7. Both Jane and the young lady working behind the counter were welcoming and helpful. The orange cinnamon roll was warm, delicious and very generous in size. I’ll be going back!

  8. This place is great! We’re new to the area and just stopped by during our walk. The owner, Jane, is such a cheery person. The other woman working behind the counter was also great.

    The coffee is very good and the cinnamon role is delicious. And for once, it’s a coffee shop with reasonable prices. Very excited about this new neighborhood addition and looking forward to going back there soon.