Slashed Tires in Leschi

There have been reports of at least 4 cars in the Leschi neighborhood with tires slashed this weekend. All incidents have been around 29th and 30th between Jefferson and Yesler.  The cars all have what looks to be tire puncture marks, which occured Fri night or early Saturday morning.  If you see/hear anything please call the police – a report has already been filed. 

0 thoughts on “Slashed Tires in Leschi

  1. there was a rash of the same thing in the area of 26th/27th between Denny and Howell, about 2 weeks ago. Neighbors were tentatively attributing it to “payback” after someone complained about a loud party in the neighborhood. Multiple cars injured, one or two tires per car. One or two ice pick type punctures per tire (this is hearsay or emailsay – didn’t happen to my car, knock on wood). Maybe it’s the new summer thing, rather than specific retribution?

  2. The sidewalls of serval car tires punched out, one per car, passenger front, about 2 months ago.