Man steals hat off person’s head near 23rd and Spring

A robber stole a red baseball cap right off the top of a person’s head near 23rd and Spring July 23. The suspect then got into a car with several others and fled.

From the police report:



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  1. This is news to you?

    I think your time could have been better spent.

    You have lost a grip on what is really happening in the neighborhood – looking at the Seattle DPD Permit activity – there are a lot of positive things happening in the CD that you could be letting people know about. New residential developments – an interesting conditional use permit – why should we discuss these though – they dont get that many hits – and then the neighborhood just gets involved.

    Some of the commercial activity happening along 12th; oh, I am sorry that is part of Capitol Hill now. Never mind, I completely understand why you wouldn’t report these activities.

    And why didn’t you update the community on the happenings at the most recent Squire Park neighborhood update.

    Instead you give us this, “Man steals hat off person’s head near 23rd and Spring.”

  2. Wow James. Don’t want to see any more stories on the crime epedemic I guess.

    Thank you Tom. You have been providing a balance set of issues. I look forward to seeing what you put up, even though I am opposed to 90% of everything. Please keep on top of the crime beat and the silly “art” projects, and the crummy socialist pointless old people and lunatic collection centers they are locating here.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  3. To James in the CD who has to post his 2cent even though nobody cares…be quite, seriously. Just stfu. This is a great website that is run by only a few people who want to update, warn, and inform people in the CD about what is going on. If you don’t it I offer you several options
    #1: Go somewhere else, no one wants you here anyways…
    #2: Start your own website, but your too lazy and stupid to do that anyways.

    Or my personal favorite #3: Stop thinking your some multicultural, intelligent, and up to date individual when no one gives two shits about what you think. STOP COMPLAINING!

    Someone got blatantly robbed in the middle of the day right near 23rd and Union and you don’t think thats news worthy. Go watch Fox and complain to them because no one here gives a shit. Thanks Buddy!!!

  4. Alarming? Hardly.

    Amusing? Highly!

    My favorite is the extreme irony of someone posting: “but your too lazy and stupid” and “Stop thinking your some multicultural, intelligent, and up to date individual.”

    You’ve just gotta love it!

  5. Really? This conversation is more alarming than the crime wave on our streets? More alarming that 2 dozen shootings, stabings, a murder. Wow! I suppose this does prove one of my main points – the problem is people who don’t think crime is a problem. More important to bash anyone making a statement than to be concerned about crime. Wake up. Don’t shut up. Speak out.

  6. you guys/ladies should understand that message boards are not intended to be instruments to slander and post personal insults.

    i assure you i am neither lazy nor am i stupid; my rock hard visible abs prove to negate the first claim and the second, well while i could say the masters degree in urban planning could validate that – this statement might just make me look like an arrogant college grad that moved from queen anne to the CD.

    oh, and since i am a mixed race – does that make me multicultural by default – if not – i offer my apologies.

    regardless. homicides in seattle are lower than they have been since the 40’s. is there crime in the CD – yes – but i assure you there is crime everywhere in the City – but no other blog master does a good of job as reporting it as Tom.

    the post is about a kid getting his hat stolen; i am sorry but in my humble opinion – this is lame and not news worthy – energy could have been better spent.

    my previous comment really doesn’t seem to warrant the sort of bizarre response.

  7. I’ll grant you that there is a degree of trolling in my method. Trolling to get the CD to take a bite of life and speak out. This page is entirely too quiet.

    Your trolling seems to be of a different nature. Rock hard abs, masters in urban planning, a former resident of the esteemed QA neighborhood (which certainly has a much higher crime rate than CD), and bi-racial as well. Well shucks, we eembiceils har taint evr beena colleeg er evn cpplited gride1. Eyes wite n hvm bluu i’s n m bisexwall so yu can come ovr a my hoose any tiem. I likes smart fellers like you!

    What a dork. Or were you just trolling looking for a date and were excited by crimes against children.

  8. Don’t wear a rival gang’s colors and not expect them to be snatched. It sounds like the hat wearer was a kid, which is why they only snatched the color, rather than stomping him.

  9. This story is news worthy. However, as James pointed out there are other things that are positive happening in our neighborhood that aren’t making it on this blog. Cap Hill News is reporting about great restaurants that are popping up in what technically is the Central District……assuming that Squire Park is still part of the CD. There is no word of it on this blog. Instead we get lots of reports on crime….which is the negative part of life in the CD.

    My hope is that Tom and any of the CD News contributors would pick up on the positive stuff that is happening on the fringe of the CD. It may help encourage more development.

  10. Thanks for the feedback. Crime definitely took over this week on the site, and you’re right there are lots of positive things going on (I have a cool one of those coming out tomorrow morning).

    I could definitely use help keeping up on new businesses, and appreciate any tips from the community. I try to cover what I can, but help from you all really makes it easier to cover things like that. It’s a big neighborhood, and, like the rest of you, I am most likely to notice a new place pop up if its by my home or on my main travel routes. So if you see a “coming soon” sign, drop me a line at [email protected]. For my part, I will make an extra effort to get more on top of that beat b/c it is lacking right now.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  11. James is right. Crime is down in the CD. Of course it spikes up in the summer. There is a lot of melodrama on this board about the CD getting ready to erupt in civil strife blah blah blah. Overall the CD is a great area and is only getting better. Peace out.

    BTW I feel sorry for the kid that lost his hat. That sucks.

  12. James in the CD, I scan this CD blog site, but find there is often more interesting and relevant CD news reported as off shoots of the Capital Hill blog ( ). An example is a resent Capital Hill blog posting relating to the CD and the 2010 census. It provided a general breakdown of changes in the CD demographics, as well as density changes in certain areas of the CD. I have also seen articles on planned CD building projects, where they discuss optional zoning changes. They have periodic articles on transit issues effecting the CD, often well before I see any reference to the same issues in our local blog.

    Our local CD blog may be useful for locating lost pets, hearing about general items of interest ( all things I need and want ), but you may want to consider the Capital Hill Blog as another (possibly more indepth ) option too.

  13. Reading CHS is a great idea, especially if you live in a “border area.” We are sister sites, and sometimes Justin writes here and I write there. For the record, that CHS post about the census: was written by me and recapped stuff I wrote on CDN months ago:

    We try to post stuff that is relevant to both neighborhoods on both sites, but we likely miss things from time to time (that goes both ways).

  14. Tom, I certainly ment no disrespect for the inputs to our local bloggers ( especially greatful for your inputs ), but I have noticed what I consider to be more subsnative data in the Capital Hill Blog ( at times ), that I can relate to. I live by Garfield High School and so am not on the boarderline with Capital Hill, so appreciate both sites.

    Good job Tom, and we appreciate your efforts!

  15. FYI: anyone that speaks of their own “rock hard abs” and generally touts his own prowess while hiding behind a computer is either, a) a buffoon or, b) a liar. For someone with a masters degree and seemingly well educated, it’s odd that you don’t know how to punctuate or articulate with any sort of humility or grace.

  16. I like this site in both it’s positive and negative stories. I get a little bumbed reading about some of the bad happenings of the neighborhood but they are a part of life in an urban environment. They help remind me to take a little extra precaution but I’ve always been wary.

    Thanks CDNews. I’m glad you’re part of the neighborhood.

  17. SPD and all the law enforcement hawks love to tout supposed drops in crime (statistics as collected). What the statistics do not capture is how crime changes to adapt to law enforcement methods. Let’s say there is a drop in sex crimes (child prostitution, slavery, rape). The fact of the matter is that the organizers of these crimes have hidden themselves on the internet. These crimes are now committed using ‘legitimate’ appearing fronts like the Seattle Weekly. Seattle Weekly and Village Voice media are the #1 Promoter’s fo sex crimes in America. The police have not yet adjusted to fully prosecuting the new generation of pimps.

    Similarly the drug trade has added layers of protection that consume huge ammounts of police time to track. A case that 10 years ago could have been tracked by a few officers would now take a team of thirty. Drug transations today occure through sever intermediaries over a large geographic area. The #7 busses support a system where drug dealers use intermediearies and watchers to assure the real drug dealer is not connected to the buyer.

    And the gangs are assualing and intimidating the same number of people, but, they are more accepted and fear of reporting or standing up against them is increased. You may see less and they report less, but, is it really gone?

  18. I get the information from long term investigations conducted by myself. It is easy to do if you consistenly spend a few hours a week staking out corners, picking out suspicious activity, and following the characters. I have on several occasions been followed the chain of events from an interaction in CD, onto the #7, a few checks and balances along the way, and to a drug delivery south of 90.

    As for the prostitution I know a young woman who was raped by gang members at the age of 14, set up in a number of crimes to destroy her reputation and then swept into a life of sex slavery managed by the bloods gang, where she still is today at the age of 19.

    A friend and myslef have tracked her shipments around the country as the pimps work to stay ahead of the law. She is easily tracked by her advertisements, posted by pimps, in the Seattle Weekly There is no question about how this was done and how they keep this girl in line – always taking the fall, on drugs, and uterly destroyed – by the gang. This story is repeated thousands upon thousands of times as evidenced by many testimonials and by simply looking at SeattleWeekly – and asking yourself – Is this right. Can you possibly look at Seattle Weekly and think what they are involved in is a good thing? I hope you look, and I hope you cannot accept what you see as just plain good girls working hard. They are slaves.

    They are slaves run by members of this community. The Bloods, and the Black Disciples Gang. And defended as good folks. And self righteous as if the enslavement of past generations justifies a life of enslaving little white girls to a life of horror.

    It is time to kick out the criminals and slave traders from the Disciples to the Seattle Weekly. They all must go. 1st from here, then from there, and in the end simply crush them and end the madness ruling our streets.

  19. I believe Judkinsbum knows what he sees. I know that no link was provided to some investigation the SPD put out but I will take Judkinsbum’s information to heart because I also see these things going on. It is not hard to guess that the sneaky hand shake passes I see at a certain mini mart parking lot at all hours are drug deals/other deals. Sure, maybe they are just shaking hands and saying to each other thug #1 “Good day fine sir!” thug #2 “Mighty fine day for relaxing in a mini mart parking lot, wouldn’t you say?” thug #1 “It is also a fine day for shaking hands merrily/sneakily as well!”

  20. Oh yeah, the constant “anecdotal evidence” belittlement of real people. For your information I am a trained criminologist with over twenty years of experience monitoring crime. Though I have not conducted a detailed study of crime in the CD, nor do I have time or intent to do so, you can be this I have reported real information that certainly can be extrapolated to reasonable generalizations.

    The anecdotal evidence argument essentially say, if the information is not presented by an institution with specific intent to discover and report something – then the information must be discounted from consideration. Otherwise said – your point of view, sir or madam, is inconsequential.

    The point needs to be that your point of view as a citizen is the most important, and some third party million dollar boondogle swindle study intended so support a political point and obtain tax dollars is in all likely bull#@%5, out of date, misguided, and irrelevant.

    If you see a rat running along Rainier Avenue in broad daylight (Have you seen this?) You really must assume that there are alot of rats in the CD, in fact there is an incredable infestation of rats – millions? I don’t really understand rat statistics. But I can tell you that there is a huge amount of drug dealing and gang activity in the CD and the ID.

    And as for the Seattle Weekly sex for money connection, that is now very well documented by several groups and agencys nationwide. I know it from personal knowledge and from the many studies, legal procedings against SeattleWeekly/Village Voice media.

    My question now is – why are you trying so hard to imagine that these problems do not exist? Nobody is asking to to be afraid or even help out. So why try to say it ain’t so?