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Where to buy young plants for garden?

Does anyone know of some good spots in the area to purchase some young plants that aren’t too expensive? I’ve noticed that the greenhouses often charge a premium, but sometimes grocery and hardware stores have a pretty good selection that aren’t too pricey. I do know that the new PCC up north along Aurora has a pretty good selection of flower and vegetable plants that are pretty reasonable, but I was hoping for something closer. Anyone notice any local businesses that have some garden plants for sale?

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  1. I would suggest plant from local greenhouses. Plants need to be grown in the climate that they are to be planted in. Many plants at grocery stores and larger hardware stores are brought in from large greenhouse in California and fail to flourish when planted in the Northwest.

    I recommend any of the established local nurseries, Swansons, Sky, the City People Mercantile on Madison also has plants, the Washington St arboretum also has a volunteer ran nursery. You can also order plants from and get plants and seeds from

    I also highly recommend Growing Vegatables West of the Cascades, by Steve Solomon