Times: Tuba Man killer charged with 23rd and Jackson hit and run

Billy Chambers, who was convicted of manslaughter for his part in the 2008 killing of Ed “Tuba Man” McMichael, has been charged with intentionally running a woman off the road near 23rd and Jackson June 23. He has been charged with second degree assault and hit and run.

Prosecutors say Chambers attacked the woman because she had filed a police report about a car prowl.

From the Seattle Times:

Chambers is accused of rear-ending the woman’s car while it was stopped for a traffic light in the Central Area at 23rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street around 3:45 p.m. Thursday. The woman told police that as she tried to drive away the same car followed in the next lane and swerved toward the passenger side of her car, causing her to leave the roadway and strike a tree, according to charging paperwork.The woman was not hurt.

She told officers that she recognized the driver of the mid-1990s Ford Crown Victoria that hit her, according to charging papers. She said that she had reported him to police about a week earlier after he allegedly broke into her car, according to charging paperwork.

Police located the Crown Victoria parked outside Chambers’ home and were allowed inside. When Chambers was arrested he told police that he had been sleeping all day and that someone else had been using his car.


0 thoughts on “Times: Tuba Man killer charged with 23rd and Jackson hit and run

  1. Seems like this kid, now a man, isn’t going to chose to turn his life in a new direction. How many more people will he assault before he’s finished with it (one way or another)?

  2. It was apparent when he murdered the tuba man that he is a waste of a human being. Can we just please lose the key? There is no hope here with this one. period.

  3. What a remarkably brave and heroic woman. She was a victim, but still did the right thing, and would not allow this criminal to get away with his violent attempt at intimidating her. I wish her well, and only hope she has no further problems related to her contact with Chambers.

    Do we know if anyone provided this victim any assistance or even called the SPD after this attack? Seems this intersection, and general shopping area, have a lot of people that use it, but few that seem to see or care when similarly violent actions occur. Sad condition!