SPD report: 23rd/Jax shots fired incident involved armed juveniles, fancy cars

SPD has released its report on the recent “shots fired” incident last Thursday night near 23rd and Jackson. We reported last week that nobody was injured but a car was hit by the gunfire in the incident that went down just before 7:30 PM on June 16th. Here is the SPD report featuring a group of teens from Kent in Seattle for a high school graduation, some tricked-out cars and kids with guns:

{On 06-16-11 at 1930 hours we were dispatched to the area of 23 Ave and S
Jackson St on multiple reports of shots being fired outside.  Several
witnesses heard multiple shots, between seven and twelve, in the area.
There was a pause and then one or two more shots were heard, possibly from
a different gun.  A large group of black male juveniles were seen running
in all directions after the shots.

  observed a B/M walking from a bright green vehicle in the Red
 Apple parking lot and start shooting at a white vehicle.  People around the
white vehicle, an orange vehicle and a purple vehicle started shooting
back.  Several of the B/M's ran off.  All appeared to be juveniles.
  observed a B/M, 5-11, thin build, with shoulder length
dredlocks, a black beanie, navy blue jacket and blue jeans leave NB out of
the parking lot.  She believed he was carrying a black handgun.  The
suspect vehicles left out of the parking lot.
There were several suspect vehicle descriptions including a small blue SUV, a gold or bronze Cadillac, a purple Chevy Caprice or Impala, a bright green 2 door and an orange Caprice with orange rims. Two vehicles had Lamborgini style doors. observed a B/M running behind the Red Apple carrying a duffel bag with four to five B/M juveniles chasing after him. approached us in her vehicle. The rear window was shattered. She stated her vehicle was parked unoccupied on the west side of the parking lot when she heard the shots. She was in the beauty salon. When she returned to her vehicle, she observed the damage. The rear window was
shattered with a large hole on the driver's side and another one on the
passenger side.  There was a bullet hole on the rear of the vehicle just
below the driver's side taillight. This bullet appeared to have ricocheted
off the vehicle or dissintegrated.  Another bullet hole was seen on the
driver's side near the rear of the vehicle.  It appeared the bullet entered
the trunk, passed through it and entered the inside wall on the oposite
side.  We could not locate the bullet.  Two small holes were observed on
the rear driver's side wheel cover.  It is not known if they are bullet
holes.  Ofc Pendergrass located bullet fragments inside the vehicle on the
rear window shelf.  I photographed the damage.

South precinct officers observed three possible suspect vehicles driving SB
on MLK Wy S at S Merton St.  Two vehicles, a purple Dodge Charger, Lic
 wa with Lamborgini style doors and a orange Dodge Charger, Lic
 wa also with Lamborgini style doors were stopped.  The third
vehicle, a green unknown vehicle did not stop and continued SB on MLK Wy S.
 The occupants of the two vehicles, Suspects   ,
  and   all stated they were driving to Kent from a graduation
ceremony at Memorial Stadium in Seattle.  When they drove through the
parking lot at the Red Apple at 23 Ave S and S Jackson St a group of
unknown juvenile B/M's began shooting at them.  The occupants were
identified and then released pending further investigation.

Ofc Sunderland located 13 shell casings and a marijuana cigarette on the
sidewalk on the west side of the parkinglot.  He photographed them.

Ofc Hairston submitted all the evidence to the Evidence Unit.  I submitted
the photos to the Photo Lab.

Unit 895, Det Santiago #5979  responded to where the vehicles were stopped.

0 thoughts on “SPD report: 23rd/Jax shots fired incident involved armed juveniles, fancy cars

  1. And next we’ll see their mothers crying that it wasn’t their kid. So sick of these infants.

  2. Like rats, they are so brave until the guns go off and then they run, I don’t get it. If they are as tough as they think, they would saunter away unfazed, no?

  3. With so much apparently happening all at one time, it is truly amazing that none of these folks were hurt. Sounds like a few gangster types fighting it out, and a much too curious group of young folks wanting to watch the excitement. Truely is a blessing that no-one was hurt.
    I wonder how such a large crowd could have gathered without anyone wondering what was going on and thinking to call the SPD, before shots were fired. The police report seems to indicate that a number of vehicles were possibly involved, and that an even larger group of young people somehow appeared to have known or expected this confrontation (possibly not the gun shots ), and came to observe. If this is true, it could have been a pre-arranged, and expected gathering or meeting.
    Sorry to hear of the victim that returned from her beauty shop vist only to find that her car had been caught in this shoot out. Still, very lucky to not have been in the car or walking to it when the shooting started.

  4. It sends chills through my spine to think about the countless families and innocent residents who frequent the grocery store, the drug store across the street, the Starbucks, the beauty salon, and the numerous other businesses in the Promenade 23…and how easily even one of them could have been caught in the crossfire and wounded or killed. As a CD resident I want to gives business to these local stores – I want to fill my prescriptions at Wallgreens and walk safely across the street with my four year old and not worry that we’re going to be caught in the middle of some senseless violence. At 7:30 pm on a summer evening, all of us should feel safe enough to walk to local businesses and support our community, but with these kinds of things going on it makes it difficult to do that.

  5. I totally agree, I live down the street from Promenade 23 and will not shop there until the owners actually start caring and put some money into security. Until society stops glamorizing rap music that endorses shooting others like cowards these problems will not go away. People who shoot in public like this should be considered terrorist.

  6. yes, why didn’t someone call the police when they noticed a gathering of humans? situations like these could easily be avoided if only people were responsible enough to call the police when they notice a group of five or more people have congregated in a public space.

  7. “Until society stops glamorizing rap music that endorses shooting others like cowards”

    yeah, society! get with it! when isn’t society going to finally realize that glamorizing 80’s and 90’s rap lyrics is totally to blame for all of this violence? society is so stupid! society should find something else to glamorize. damn society.

  8. There is really no reason why guns are legal in this country but drugs are not. Thank you NRA and big tobacco/alcohol!

  9. Yeah my bad, I had just read the lyrics to 50 cents song called outlaw where he is talkin about crack and all the guns he has, “come through in the drop, hold the glock why not, 9 millimeter, 9 shots, big rock” only 1.5 mil views on youtube, no one will try and follow in his footsteps, right? Anyway, I hope the innocents being killed stops one day is all im sayin.

  10. Red Apple’s loss. It was a convenient store but who needs this? Guess I’ll do all of my shopping – ANYWHERE ELSE. The crazies are starting to hassle people inside of the store too.

  11. This seems to be a recurring theme!

    I know my money seems to spend just as well, and go just as far at other grocery stores, and I feel safe!!!

  12. RE: No injuries?
    yes, why didn’t someone call the police when they noticed a gathering of humans? situations like these could easily be avoided if only people were responsible enough to call the police when they notice a group of five or more people have congregated in a public space.

    True True…those people waiting at bus stops=trouble those people downtown waiting to cross the street=trouble. Tourists coming to our town and stopping to watch our local talent busking=trouble…all those people with their children Central District Parks trying to get to know your neighbors=trouble and those damn high schoolers at Ezelle’s=trouble…

    We live in the CD it’s a pretty great place to live most of us enjoy the neighborhood and the culture, pride, and livlihood of our neighbors if you would all stop sending the police to the Garfield Community Center and if those kids at Autonomia and the infamous neighbor lady would learn to get a long perhaps they would be able to spend more time patrolling the parking lot at the red apple…

    P.S. Red Apple…you are too ‘spensive…just sayin

  13. Graffitijoe, You read something into the SPD report I had missed, mainly that this large consentration of both cars and young people was not noticable as unusual for this particular Red Apple parking lot. I must admit, I no longer shop there, but it does seem that when I drive by, that this parking lot is not usually very crowded, and I think I or any other observer would have notice an unusually large gathering of young people, and wonder what drew them all to this particular parking lot, and all at the same time.