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Shooting at Red Apple 6/16/2011?

My husband was across the street at Papa Murphy’s when he heard the shooting and saw the police arrive and tape up the crime scene. Does anyone know what happened?

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  1. As the later post indicated, there seems to be a resurgence of violent activity in this area, and the area around Red Apple seems to be more active than most. We gave up all attempts at shopping that area, and found it more stress free and better shopping elsewhere anyway. Our hope was that with the sale of that large property ( retail ), that the developer would improve the properties, increase the desirability of the shops ( and shopping experience ), and maybe help improve the area through increased pride of community.
    Still waiting!

  2. I wish the Red Apple management would be more proactive in keeping their property clear of troublemakers. The last time I shopped there, a homeless guy was panhandling right at the front door, and when I told him no, he screamed and threw a handful of coins at me. I told a cashier what was going on, and he just gave me a look that implied I was the problem, or something to that effect. It seems like unless a problem is actually brought inside the store, the Red Apple just doesn’t care about what goes on in the parking lot. I just choose to shop elsewhere now.

  3. I gave up on the ghetto store decades ago. It was a Thriftway with a real bakery, real deli and a real frsh fish market. Red Apple bought it and it became, the quote the manager, a “food stamp store”.
    Please, we need to have a community meeting with the new owners and tell them we want a Fred Meyer, a Metropolitian Market, something other than thos ghetto market.

    To those who still go there, please report any health volations such as rotton food, rotten vegies, out of date meat, whatever, to the health dept. If we can get it shut down the issue of the need for a real neighborhood store will rise to the top of the new owners concerns.

  4. This Red Apple Store does seem to have more than a few management issues. When I frequent a store, I like to feel welcome, maybe even get to be known by one or more checkers, etc. I want to feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. We had begun to experience rudeness from checkers, and other Red Apple store employees, lack of specific product, and increasingly problems in the parking lot. Just was not worth the effort, especially when there are other options. After-all, I found other stores seemed very pleased to treat me like a valued Customer, and I elect to spend my money where both it ( my money )AND I am welcome. This Red Apple is not on that list of either welcoming or accomodating.

  5. I strongly prefer the Red Apple over the QFCs and Safeways in the area. I think the prices are as good or better (there’s always something cheaper in produce), they have staff that have been there for years, and their music rocks…

  6. I have begun shopping more & more at Red Apple (don’t work there, just shop, Linda). They are really working hard to bring in products that appeal to a wide population.

    Perhaps a call to the manager is in order if you don’t feel welcome.

  7. I love the MoTown sound track and the staff of Red Apple. Having brought small children with me to shop, I always appreciated the extra help and the kind word from the staff. I have seen the night staff deal with drug dealers and panhandlers professionally and responsibility, remember they have to be there night after night dealing with the same troublemakers, If they start a grudge match it only comes back at them. Some of the staff have been there over 20 years and know the neighborhood pretty well.
    If you can’t handle dealing with a panhandler or watch a drug deal go down in the parking lot, then drive your SUV to the Metropolitan Market or Whole Foods and get that full service you deserve (and pay for). If you haven’t noticed, the price of food has doubled in the last twenty years and will double again in the next twenty. Red Apple provides the “food stamp” service a low income neighborhood like the CD requires, fer cryin’ out loud, don’t drive them out of business with frivolous complaints.

  8. I See The Same ‘ol NIMBY Attitude Prevails. So We All Must Live In A Ghetto Since Its Said We Have A Ghetto Store. Plotting To Close It Down Will Not Solve Any Problems In The Area. People That Work There Need Their Jobs To Feed Their Families, Etc. I Am Saddened That Someone Would Like To See Others Suffer Because They Want Change. Look In The Mirror!

  9. I haven’t shopped at that particular store, but I went into the other two before they closed (where the grocery outlet is now and a looong time ago up on 15th). Yes, the prices were low, but the stores were always filthy (and stinky) and the fresh foods were a disgrace – like eyes points out, the vegetables were often rotting and the meat out of date. A store can be inexpensive, carry items that are less costly and brands that may carry less cachet, but still be at very least clean and sanitary….

    I find it to be a bit of a shame that people in the neighborhood think that it is acceptable to be treated in that manner. It’s self defeating to think that just because you don’t have as much money it is OK to be treated as a second class citizen…. Sure expect them to stock hamburger instead of filet mignon, but keeping the store clean, safe and friendly shouldn’t cost any more in this neighborhood than anywhere else. It’s a mark of disrespect to think people deserve any less.

  10. We shop at Red Apple at least once a week and love it. Friendly cashiers, a staff that is always very helpful, no lines and a selection of food that is more than ample. To those of you who choose to take your business elsewhere, that’s great to hear, seems like you’re put off by minor disturbances and trouble follows you. We’ve been going there for years now and not once have we seen or had a poor experience. Quite the contrary when compared to places like Safeway or QFC. If a little panhandling or some conspicuous activity sets you off, you shouldn’t be living in the city to begin with.

  11. I dropped by Red Apple a few weeks ago. The experience was ok except their prices for basics such as eggs/bread/milk/beer are consistently a dollar or more per item than the area QFCs and Safeways.

    Don’t believe me? Compare for yourself.

  12. CD Neighbor, thanks for your opinions about stores that closed years ago. But those opinions seem irrelevant to a conversation about a market that is still doing business.

    It’s like jumping into a discussion about the merits of a particular film, declaring that you haven’t seen it, but that you didn’t like a film by the director’s brother 10 years ago. Fine, but so what?

    Go shop there. Have an experience. Maybe check out the produce or something. Then write back and tell us what you think, good or bad.

  13. If aggressive panhandling and open drug deals are just fine with you, then I think you are part of the problem. The people who condone this sort of behavior are NOT the ones who should be moving out of the neighborhood.

  14. I started shopping there when the store at MLK and Union went out of business and I have noticed a steady improvement since those days. The store is cleaner; they have those sanitary wipes at the front to wipe off the cart handles if you wish. Jim, the produce guy, is terrific and the produce is not rotten! The older veggies and fruits are put on a closeout shelf by the fozen food case. He is very helpful and has taught me how to pick out good melons which has always been a mystery to me. He is very firendly but his helper is not. I like the fact they are carrying the better bread up near the deli. I do prefer to get my fish at Mutual Fish and yes, pay more, but it’s very fresh. I feel the same way about Safeway fish..prefer to get it at Mutual My husband is a beer freak, searching out those special brewskis from small breweries and they often have a good selection at Red Apple at lower prices (he shops QFC too; Safeway only carries run of the mill beers.) I find the base staff friendly, the subs from the other stores less so. But I am friendly to them as well; I know them by name and they know me by name and NO, I don’t work there. The management of that store and the others in the complex have hired security people so they are paying attention. I find the Walgreen’s across the street much more of a problem as far as panhandling is concerned.

  15. These are my thoughts exactly. When I moved here I was happy to have Red Apple so close, but so dissapointed at the clientele. Not all of the people that shop there are shady but enough so that I wont go near there and cannot wait for the new owners to put something up that wont attract people who shoot others like cowards.

  16. I totally agree, we need to meet with the new owners and plead that they attract a wholefoods or some other store that will bring more pride to this community and less ghetto shooting cowards.

  17. Shootings, drug dealing and harassment are frivolous complaints now days? I am sorry but that is unacceptable to me and if not dealt with by the store managers I will never shop there.

  18. I agree RDR, why some people think that shootings, gang activity, tagging, agressive panhandling, etc. are just part of life need to think better of themselves. Makes one wonder why they think that’s ok, thats a different topic entirely.

  19. i shop mostly at trader joe’s because of the better prices and larger variety of organics, but i go to red apple with my kids often to get things i can’t get at trader joe’s. i have found that the rumors and gossip i’ve heard about the store are untrue. the clerks are very kind, and there is a sense of community there. nowhere else have i heard clerks addressing the customers by name. and i’ve noticed the food selection has increased greatly with options for reasonably priced sale items to higher end specialty items. yes, i’ve been approached by panhandlers, but i just offer to go inside and buy some food. the ones who really need food are happy and very thankful for the offer. we are all a community whether we want to be or not. shopping somewhere else…exaggerating the problems…not giving feedback to those who can actually influence decisions, doesn’t help solve anything. i was at starbucks with my children during a laptop robbery on that same corner, and while that activity is definitely unsettling, i didn’t hear people blaming starbucks or saying they would no longer frequent their business. let’s work together with businesses to try and handle the challenges, rather than vilify them.

  20. I only ever shop there when I just want to get a couple of items. For actual grocery shopping I go to a Safeway. Red Apple is almost always 10-20% more expensive across the board.

    The other day I walked by there and a guy that pretty obviously had a mental disability was panhandling. I can deal with that; he wasn’t pushy or rude about it. Then another, much more aggressive panhandler started yelling and almost got into a fight with the first guy, probably for invading what he saw as his territory. Exactly what you want to see in front of your neighborhood grocery store, right?