No injuries after shots fired in two incidents

Breaking what seemed like a quiet spell in the neighborhood recently, shots were fired in two seemingly separate incidents the evening of June 16.

5:48 p.m. near 27th and Yesler

Two males, one wearing black and the other wearing red, started yelling loudly at each other, several witnesses told police. The men started running east-bound on Yesler, and the man in red started firing shots while running.

Shortly after, the man in black was on 27th Ave S and allegedly fired several shots from aimed north toward Yesler. Nobody was injured, and the only property damage in the area appears to have been a mailbox that was struck.

No victims or suspects were located, and it is not immediately clear who or what the shots were aimed at. Police did find shell casings on Yesler near 26th and on 27th south of Yesler.

7:30 p.m. neat 23rd and Jackson

Multiple people called 911 to report shots fired. After the shots were heard, witnesses told police that a large group of black juvenile males were seen running in all directions. Again, no victims or injuries were reported.

There may have been two cars involved, but there were conflicting descriptions. South Precinct officers stopped a possible suspect car on MLK and S Merton Way in South Seattle, but the suspects were not identified as being involved and were released.

A parked car was damaged in the incident. The rear windshield was broken and there were bullet holes in the back of it. Police were able to locate shell casings.

There is no indication the two incidents were related, according to police.

Man stabbed near Garfield Community Center June 12

In other crime news, Seattle Crime reports that a man was stabbed in the face in the early morning of June 12 near 23rd and Cherry:

Around 3:45 am on June 12th, a man flagged down two patrol officers driving by 23rd Ave and E Cherry St.

The man told officers someone had cut him, but refused to provide any more information.

Police say the man sustained a half to three-quarter inch puncture wound on his face.

The man told officers his assailant had approached him from behind, and stabbed him.

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