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LOUIS Found!

HUGE thank you goes out to the CDNews and our Central District community.  Louis was found yesterday evening! 

A homeless man called us around 5:30pm saying that he thinks he found Lou.  We were skeptical because we’ve received several scammers and false sightings, but we had to follow up on every lead, no matter how far-fetched it sounded.  The man was sincere and straightforward, and he led us to a wooded area along I-5 near Dearborn.  We hiked up a steep embankment, and he pointed our a dog under a tree on a woolen shelter blanket.  We immediately knew it was Louis from the white stripe along his neck, but he was so weak that he could barely muster enough energy to get up to meet us.

He immediately went limp in our arms like a ragdoll, and we rushed to the emergency vet.  He lost about 30% of his body weight and looks like a sheet was thrown over an anatomical skeleton.  He has a bunch of scrapes and scarring along his forehead, legs, and shoulders, and an eye infection.  Prognosis is good, though — slowly reintroduce him to food and water, and some antibiotics for the eye.  He should have a full recovery and slowly grow some hair back.

Thank you all for your help in spreading the word and keeping an eye out for our little buddy.  We are overwhelmingly happy and are so grateful for the outpouring of support from strangers, friends, and family alike.  Thank you again.

With our deepest thanks and appreciation,

Mike and Kendall

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  1. It was unbelievable to see him this morning…SOOOO happy for you guys…

  2. i have seen your signs all over and kept an eye out for him and was starting to wonder if you would find him. so glad you did! i hope he recovers very quickly!

  3. Happy for you too!
    Where was he? Was he with the “abductor”?
    If only Louis could tell you his story…

  4. I have also been anxiously following the story on the blog and it’s such a relief that he has been found, especially since it’s apparent he’s had a rough time.

  5. I don’t know you, or Louis, but I’ve been following the story and thinking about his return everyday. So very happy to hear your baby is back home!! I’ll be thinking of you and his quick recovery.

  6. I’m so glad he’s home! I’ve carried a printout of the story in my car all this time so I would have the description and the incident number with me in case I saw him. Hugs to all of you!

  7. I emailed several news outlets and my fiance who works near harborview posted copies of fliers I made in his store. We told everyone we knew to look for him! I’m so happy for you guys and for little Louis! I seriously almost cried when a friend posted he was found. I’m sure he’ll be just find with the support of his loving parents behind him!

  8. Poor little guy! Did you get any info on who took him and clearly did NOT care for him? What a f**ker.
    I’m so glad he is home and safe.

  9. As a fellow Boston owner, I have been so worried about him… eyes open every time I stepped out the door, looking for him. Reposting his pic on my FB…
    Thank heavens your lil’ Boston Bunny has been found. He looks exhausted, poor little guy. I am just SO HAPPY he is home now.

  10. YAY!! I think about him every day because I pass all his flyers – so glad you found him! Thank goodness for that good soul who led you to him. Had someone in the homeless community claimed him, you think?

    I can’t even imagine how relieved all of you must be <3

  11. He was rewarded on the spot and was ecstatic to get it. He was super happy he could help and the reward was not his motivator. Glad we could help a good guy and not have to pay a ransom to the person that decided to remove his license tag, attempted to keep him and then end up nearly starving him to death.

  12. Again, reiterating what others are saying – SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I have remarked to my partner that I feel badly for owners of little black and white Boston Terriers over the last few weeks in the CD and Cap Hill because I always look at them suspiciously and wonder if they’ve stolen Louis! Hope he gets better soon.

  13. When I read this I wanted to cry!I’ve been walking to work each day and seeing the signs, and hoping to see him! So happy there’s a happy ending!!!

  14. I’m glad that you’ve got your dog back, and hope that you’ll have time to remove all the posters, now that they’ve done their job.

    Many thanks,


  15. I’m sure we can all help out in that dept. If I see a sign in my walks I will be sure to remove it. If everyone who knows the good news can do the same I’m sure it would help them out a lot.

  16. I already helped by taking one down today – don’t be afraid to do the same!

  17. Yes. Very happy for you. I’ve seen the fliers you posted all over town, too. Can you please take them down now? Thanks.

  18. I will be helping by taking down any I see… proactively be part of the solution, instead of hoping others will take care of it…

  19. So glad you have Louie home again. Hope he recovers quickly. I will help take down posters on my dog walks in the Jackson Place neighborhood.

  20. Me too…I was giving the stink eye and snapping pictures of a guy downtown with a Louie look alike yesterday! I feel a little bad now, but I knew if I didn’t at least try to get some info I’d never be able to live with myself.

  21. my son and I love living with our two bostons, wally and cosmo. every day we want to cry when we see your poster on our way to school. I am so happy you found him!!

  22. Super impressed with the effort you expended to find Louis. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many posters for a lost dog. I’m glad the story has a happy ending.

  23. So so happy for you all. We’re follow Boston owners and have thought about you & Louis everyday. We’ll help with poster takedown in Ballard!

  24. Thank you all for the kind words and support throughout this whole ordeal. I’ve never experienced such outpouring of kindness and generosity in helping find Lou. Without community news outlets like Central District News and its passionate readership, we probably wouldn’t have found him. Yes — the posters were more than plentiful. We put up over 1500 over the three weeks. We’re definitely being responsible citizens and are working on taking them down, and appreciate your help, too, if you happen to pass one and grab it down to recycle.

    Thank you SO much again!

  25. To the post:
    “RE: so happy for you!
    Yes. Very happy for you. I’ve seen the fliers you posted all over town, too. Can you please take them down now? Thanks.
    Comment by Silent E”

    It’s not like Cap Hill isn’t plastered with enough annoying B.S. posters as it is. These people are obviously very responsible and I’m sure it is a top priority. Instead of whining about it, maybe you could be proactive and help. Let’s let them revel in finding their loved one for a few minutes before bothering them about the posters. Feel good about doing something nice for someone who’s been through a really rough patch. I mean seriously.

    @kjadehom…I am SO happy for you! Your story broke my heart; made me appreciate every day I went home to see my dog waiting for me, so I am thrilled you found him. Made me teary eyed. And I will take down every poster I come accross for you. Congratulations!!!

  26. Now that we know the dog is safe and sound, how about if anyone who comes across a remaining poster takes it down and throws it out?

    Hopefully the dog owners will come around and remove the rest, but I don’t mind chipping in a little bit to help make things easier.

  27. How about being a normal neighbor, celebrate their find and help them out by taking down the ones you see or are we going to see some anal retentive Seattleite rant in the Seattle Times rant and rave complaining about them. Grow up!!

  28. How about being a normal neighbor, celebrate their find and help them out by taking down the ones you see or are we going to see some anal retentive Seattleite rant in the Seattle Times rant and rave complaining about them. Grow up!!

  29. Totally agree. Seems Seattlites often crave all of the benefits of the city, but none of the downsides (e.g., airplanes flying overhead, flyers on phone poles, cars on the road, etc.). God forbid our phone poles are left sullied by the flotsam and jetsam of urban life.

    So how about this instead: sack up and just take down the damn posters by yourself. Don’t ask in a nagging, condescending manner on a blog. Skip that step and take matters into your own hands.

    And, not to lose sight of the most important part of this conversation: so happy to hear your family is reunited with Louis!

  30. SO glad you have him back and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know some people put down the “lost pet” posts, but I get it. We lost our cat Kasha two months ago and reached out for help here. Can’t tell you how happy this news is. Best to you and Louis!!!

  31. My dog and I have cleared posters on 23rd Ave S between Massachusetts and Dearborne. Fun fact: we collected 13 but there were probably originally 20 hahaha. A car waiting at one of the intersections asked if Louis had been found and we had the pleasure of saying YES!

  32. As a dog dog walker, I’ve been keeping a special lookout for my canine friend. We only met once, but what a little charmer. I’m so happy he’s home my tail is wagging uncontrollably! Best of recoveries…I’m sending “heeling” energy your way!

  33. I am so happy this story has a happy ending. Surprised, but very happy for you and Louis.

  34. I haven’t lost my pet but you can be sure that I will blanket the city in posters looking for my pet. And, the last thing I will be thinking about is removing my posters. Do these same idiots that complain against lost pet posters call every single company that posts giant billboards advertising some stupid product every week? Next you’re going to tell me that I can stop global warming if I used my reading light less.

    Congrats to Louie and his owners. Best story I’ve read (using electricity no less). I need to go set some of my stockpiled styrofoam on fire in celebration.

  35. I am so happy for you!!!! I will be glad to take down the posters when I see them.