Graffiti at MLK and Jackson expresses anger with ‘teh’ police

SPD got pwned on MLK and Jackson this week.

The SPD Blotter put it this way:

On 6/13/11, at 9:45 p.m., a community member reported anti police graffiti in the area of M.L.King Way S and S. Jackson St. Officers were dispatched to the location and located the graffiti on an empty building in the 2600 block of S. Jackson.

Suspects entered into this fenced area and spray painted “No more Cops” and “Fuck the Police” on the building. There were two anarchist symbols spray painted on the building.

However, a careful reading of the vacant building literature reveals some more key suspect details:

It appears the suspects are not only anarchists, but are also well-versed in Internet lingo. Any SPD World of Warcraft players should watch their virtual backs or they might be ambushed by a level 80 rogue.

0 thoughts on “Graffiti at MLK and Jackson expresses anger with ‘teh’ police

  1. What’s up with all the anarchist symbol graffiti around the neighborhood? All of a sudden it is all over the place.

  2. …bored 8th graders. At least, that’s what it was when all my friends and I drew them on each others hands and wore all black, defying the middle school’s rule against wearing all of one color (gang affiliations). Yeah, we were badass 8th grade anarchists! But not gang members. ;)

  3. … a snooty Evergreen kid with more book learnin’ (i.e., “theory”) than life experience (i.e., “a job”), who takes himself extremely seriously now that he’s living in the big city. Thinks he’s improving the world, but he’s just being a douche.

  4. haha funny stuff. Wish they’d quit tagging the power boxes at intersections….

  5. which neighborhood?
    I’m near 23/Jackson. I’ve seen a big change in the graffiti. From 1988 to less than a year ago, its changed from unreadable symbols to english words.

  6. An anarchist social center opened up at 24th and Lane. I don’t think it’s the people running it that are responsible (they’re actually doing a great job of cleaning up that corner – flower beds and a nicely painted building), but it could be drawing that crowd to the neighborhood.