County’s In Motion program encourages Squire Park residents and workers to drive less

People who live or work in Squire Park and own a car can now sign up for King County’s In Motion program, which goes neighborhood by neighborhood encouraging people to drive less.

All you have to do is sign up online (Swedish employees have their own program with different prizes) and report to the site how many car trips you have been able to reduce by sharing rides, taking the bus, walking or biking. Everyone who completes six trip logs will get a free ORCA card loaded with $10. There also opportunities to win more free bus tickets and prizes from business sponsors:

Earn 10 points each week (sunday through Saturday) you log two roundtrips you switched from driving alone to another option. For every 10 points you earn, you will receive 2 free Metro bus tickets.

For each week you complete a trip log, you’ll also be entered into a weekly raffle for fabulous prizes from our sponsors such as a Trader Joe’s gift bag, tickets to Central Cinema or the Zoo, $25 at Stumptown Coffee, a Zipcar package ($125 in Zipcar credit and $25 at Home Depot), and much more!

The program also created a new Squire Park bus, bike and walk map for neighborhood:

From the SDOT Blog:

King County Metro Transit’s In Motion program is a great example of encouraging folks to use healthier travel options.   Each In Motion program focuses on one neighborhood at a time, and partners with local groups, businesses and people in the community to tailor the program to the ‘hood. 

When you sign up, you receive a welcome packet with information on walking, biking, carpooling and transit, and Metro even sweetens the deal by throwing in some free bus tickets.  When you report your trips you earn incentives and chances to win prizes from neighborhood merchants.

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