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23rd & Union updates please

Does anyone know what is going on with: 

1. The bakery/coffee shop in the old Philly Cheesesteak building? The coming soon signs have been there since before Christmas and I’ve not seen any activity that indicates construction is going on inside. Has anyone seen anything happening there?

2. The cleanup on Jim Mueller’s project must be coming to an end soon, seems like there are so many projects going on close by … maybe he can get financing now? 

I’d love it if the property owners of these stagnant projects would update the community every few months … wouldn’t you? It’s demoralizing to see projects restarted a few blocks away while 23rd & Union remains the same. 

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  1. I’ve talked briefly with both Ian and Jim recently. In both cases, progress is being made in terms of financing/permits, but slower than expected. We should see definite tangible signs of construction well before year end.

    I agree, it would be nice to see updates and reassurances on this CDN site from both property owners from time to time.

  2. Anyone know what the status is of the Japanese desserts place on Jackson near 19th?

  3. thanks, I hadn’t seen that … though still wish they would all keep us posted proactively, we are all their future customers

  4. It is demoralizing and frustrating when so much progress is occurring all around and not too far away.

    Ian and Jim. Is there anything we, in the community, can do to help these projects move along?

  5. Sorry I missed this thread. Bakery is moving along and I have confidence that it will open this month. Car wash renovations are about 2/3 done. City is requiring additional sound & light proofing because of berm removal. That slowed everything down (including bakery). Hopefully good weather will speed everything up. Sorry for the slow progress and lack of transparency.

  6. As someone who drives by this location twice a day on my way to and from work, I can be patient. A bakery on this corner will be awesome!!

  7. The car wash change is NIGHT AND DAY. That lot is soooo much more inviting with the giant wall gone. Permits are understandable, but seem to be such a problem for any business trying to work in a neighborhood. Looks great, keep at it.

  8. Thanks for the feedback. The final round of improvements are scheduled for the end of June to mid-July. Remember washing your car at a professional car wash is super green and saves the salmon in Puget Sound. All the road grease and chemicals go to the sewer and not wastewater which drains right into our rivers and Sound.