14th and Union becoming central district for foodies: Restaurant Zoe moving in

The connective joint between Capitol Hill and the Central District is getting busy. In a major coup for the area, Oola Distillery’s Kirby Kallas Lewis announced that Restaurant Zoe is moving to 14th and Union:

Yes, Zoe Restaurant will be moving here from Belltown.  I’m excited to be working with a restaurant of this calibre.  I know their bar manager at Quinn’s loves Whiskey so I hope we can do some beautiful things together with their bar program at Zoe! 

The lease was signed last Friday so things will be ramping up in the following weeks as far as locking in a design, etc.  Basic things like upgrading the electrical to 800 amps for the building, upgrading water mains, etc are already laying the groundwork for the two restaurants that will be moving in.  It’s going to be an exciting building in just a few short months.

I feel like Lucky 8 and Zoe will compliment each other and both be a huge asset to the neighborhood.  I’m glad I held out for these two!  I expect the restaurants to be up and running in about 4 months.  OOLA will be fermenting in about a week and distilling by the end of the month.  Look for products to be available in the tasting room by the end of July.

When it opens later this year, Zoe will join Chinese restaurant Lucky 8, Oola, Marjorie and Skillet Diner at the intersection.


0 thoughts on “14th and Union becoming central district for foodies: Restaurant Zoe moving in

  1. I love that there are so many great things that are happening between 12-14th.

  2. I’m excited about the new restaurants popping up nearby, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call it part of the Central District. That corner feels very Capitol Hill to me.

  3. It’s a stretch to call it Capitol Hill too. Why does it “feel” like Capitol Hill? Because of the new, modern apartments and wonderful dining options? Who said the CD couldn’t have those? A few years ago no one next door was vying to call the corner Capitol Hill. The line is definitely blurring, but considering this corner is closer to me than most of the CD, I’m happy to claim it. :)

  4. It is DECIDEDLY Central District (according to the resident, the city lines, etc etc). As I’ve stated before, a ton of news in the general vicinity goes to the Cap Hill blog because of sentiments like yours and it pisses me off. I don’t live in Capitol Gill, I deal with the things good and bad that happens in the CD, and I’d like to be represented as such.

    Of course people hear about the axe murder and the halfway house up the block and all the sudden they are “ohh that CD always with the crime” but when trendy little foodie bite shops roll in its “hey thats cap hill!” Same thing with 23rd/madison area and Crush/Deano’s.

  5. Come on, people, let’s not kid ourselves. It “feels” like Capitol Hill because it’s within easy walking distance from everything on Capitol Hill, and not so much from any CD landmark. If I wanted to meet my friends who live on Capitol Hill at 14th and Union, they would all walk and I would take the bus. Most of this restaurant’s customers will be Cap Hill residents.

    It may not be technically accurate, but everything between Madison and Cherry, and between Broadway and the ridge (~18th Ave), will be sold as “Capitol Hill area” if you’re looking to rent an apartment. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy because the more people who call it Capitol Hill, the more it becomes Capitol Hill.

  6. this is great news, as a neighbor and home owner I couldn’t be more excited for this, and other improvements to our hood (yes, “The CD”). thank you, and you can bet we’ll be patrons there!

    any news/plans for upgrading the exterior of the building? I walk by it everyday and I find it difficult to imagine it’s occupants being comfortable hiding behind it’s little windows and drably painted CMU… just curious.

  7. It’s an interesting debate. Years ago when neighbors were trying to revive the Central District community council there was a lengthy discussion of which streets make up the Central District and should be covered by the council. It could be a fun topic for this news blog ….with a simultaneous discussion on the Capitol Hill News.

    Regardless of what you call it, there are nice restaurants that are within close walking distance of my Central District home. I am happy and hope the trend continues.

  8. Schtum summed up why I felt it was “more Capitol Hill” than CD – that corner is a mere blocks away from the Pike/Pine corridor, which is clearly Capitol Hill. It has nothing to do with crime vs trendy restaurants, but location.

    It matters to me precisely because I do want more businesses to join the already great restaurants we have in the Central District. I want the heart of the CD to flourish, not just the hotly contested outer edges.

  9. So it must be coming to the old Panzanella Bakery building? Yay!

    Love the ongoing discussion about where Capitol Hill ends and the CD begins…I remember a few years back when Windermere was trying to call everything between Madison and Cherry “South Capitol Hill”. I laughed my ass off every time they published that.

  10. I remember there was a tiny discussion about it a while ago when someone tried to call that area “radio point” or something ridiculous like that. Can’t seem to recall how it fleshed out.

    Yes many people do call it as “cap hill” but then people move in and realize for instance, they are stuck with broadstripe/qwest instead of comcast because they fell into the “underserved” CD line, whereas if they moved in right across the street of Madison they would have the option of all the actual caphill limits amenities. Its not just the visible things like restaurants. As for the actual lines, the city clerks office seem to call Madison the dividing line for the “central area” a la http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/nmaps/html/NN-1280L.ht

  11. I think instead of letting people call it “South Capitol Hill” we should just call it “North Central District”. :)