SeattleCrime: Man robbed at gunpoint outside Madison Park’s Seattle Tennis Club

An armed robber stole cash and an iPhone in an April 29th Madison Park hold-up, SeattleCrime reports:

One man was pistol-whipped during a robbery outside the Seattle Tennis Club in the Central District last Friday.

Around 6 p.m., two men were sitting in a car parked behind the Seattle Tennis Club at 41st and E Prospect., when another man walked up to the car and sat down in the rear passenger seat

The man pulled out a Beretta-style handgun and told the victims “give me everything.”

One of the victims told the suspect “to relax,” a police report says, and the suspect responded by shoving his gun into the victim’s cheek, cutting the victim’s face.


0 thoughts on “SeattleCrime: Man robbed at gunpoint outside Madison Park’s Seattle Tennis Club

  1. I’m going to echo a comment on the linked blog wondering what is going on with the reporting of the location here. Madison Park events get reported to the CD blog, while a ton of stuff that happens in the CD itself (hatchet guy, marjorie robberies, 23rd/madison news) seem to get dropped on CHS and occasionally get mentioned on CDNews a day or two later if at all. Certainly readership is lower on this page I assume but it seems a little pandering to the populace over proper reporting at times.

    I know some of those events right on the border but I’ve lived on the outskirts of the CD for a long time now and never considered myself a Cap hill resident. There’s a lot of big and little things that happen because of this line division (housing locations, crime, lack of proper broadband, etc) and perhaps this is sometimes more evident because we’re butted up right next to those who do.

    Just a thought.