Seattle Crime: Gang members attack two men at bus stop near 22nd and Jefferson

A group of eight gang members assaulted two men at a bus stop near 22nd and Jefferson April 18, according to Seattle Crime:

According to a police report, at 8:15 p.m. on April 18th, the two men—both in their late-teens—were waiting at a bus stop at 22nd and E Jefferson when a group of eight teenagers approached them and asked “if they were claiming” or affiliated with a gang.

When one of the victims told the group of teens “we don’t bang,” one of the suspects yelled “Deuce-Eight” and group descended on the victims.

The group of suspects punched and kicked the two men, and stole a wallet and cell phone during the attack.

The suspects fled the scene before police arrived.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Crime: Gang members attack two men at bus stop near 22nd and Jefferson

  1. So, if they had said they were ‘banging’ would the gang still have attacked? Or not, because of the fear of retaliation? Or did they just not believe the teens? This saddens me.

  2. I bet none of those 8 so called gang members would had fought one on one. They must had been the Cowards Run In Pack gang! The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is working quite well for the elite and not so well for people who have to live with creeps like this, but working well to fill their privatized slave camp prisons.

  3. I bet they would have fought one on one as well. Never put something past anyone. Always be careful of your surroundings.

  4. Lil busters and punks need to get a life. My n**** got shot and killed from gang violence in Compton, CA on 149 Street in a drive by. Now Seattle havin’ gang problems. Today Folks from D-dub(DWTC) were claimin’. Now were talkin bout 10-13 joinin gangs in Seattle and other States.