King 5: Garfield alumna training at Cappy’s to be ‘Queen’ of London Olympics

There is already one queen in London, but I don’t think she throws a punch this hard. Queen Underwood has been punching bags in the Central District and winning matches worldwide for years, and now the Garfield grad has her eyes on the gold.

When last we checked-in, the Queen was working as a sprinkler fitter and fighting for gender equality in the world of amateur boxing. That was in 2009, and women had just earned their place in the Olympic boxing ring. During the 2008 games in Beijing, boxing was the only competition that did not include women. But while the International Olympic Committee was in Berlin adding women’s boxing as an Olympic sport, the Queen was training hard at Cappy’s Boxing Gym at 22nd and Union with her eye on the 2012 gold.

A report by King 5 shows that Underwood has since stepped up her game and her gab. Now a full-time boxer, the Queen has been number one in the nation for four years. Still training under Cap Kotz and a team of coaches from the gym (the Queen Team), the Queen has no doubt she will win:

So while the rest of us were eating junk food and stalking high school friends on Facebook, the Queen was a handful of blocks away training for the Olympics. It may be too late for your 2012 hopes, but you can always give boxing training a try at Cappy’s Boxing Gym. The first class is only $5, but be ready to be sore for days after (or so I’m told).

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