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Correction: No parks discussion at upcoming 12th Avenue meeting

For those of you in the neighborhood that received the quarterly Squire Park newsletter (which is probably everyone  since the Squire Park folks are awesome and drop the newsletters off door-to-door!), I have a correction on the upcoming 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee Meeting.  We will not have the Parks Department attending the April 12th meeting.  The Parks Department had originally planned to be there and hold the first community meeting on the James Court woonerf project.  They have had some delays though and aren’t ready for that first meeting so stay tuned to CD News (or the 12th Ave blog) for details on the official woonerf meeting.  (We’re hoping it happens in May.)

The 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee will still meet on April 12th and we hope to have a lively conversation about the King County Youth Detention Center redevelopment and talk about the shape of the Stewardship Committee (bylaws, elected leadership, annual goal-setting, etc.)

Please join us!  We have food and get stuff done!

12th Avenue Stewardship Committee

Tuesday, April 12th at 5:30pm

Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building (corner of 12th and E Marion Street)

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