Burglar makes off with flat screen TV from Update Barber Shop

A burglar smashed the window at Update Barber Shop`and Beauty Salon at 23rd and Cherry and ran off with their flat screen TV April 10, according to the police report. A Tent City Three resident on patrol duty alerted police after hearing the burglar smash the window around 5:45 a.m. a few blocks from the encampment’s current site.

The patroller told police he saw a black man wearing a black jacket and black pants running northbound on 23rd carrying the TV. The witness only got a look at the suspect’s back, so was unable to provide more suspect details.

Police searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect. Update Barber Shop is considering updating their security after the incident and installing an alarm system.

Tent City Three is nearing the end of their planned two-month stay at a vacant lot at 22nd and Cherry. As part of the residents’ responsibilities to the community, each camp resident spends shifts patrolling the area around the encampment to make sure everything is in line.

0 thoughts on “Burglar makes off with flat screen TV from Update Barber Shop

  1. Like many, I was dubious a long time ago at the tent city moving in nearby.

    They’ve been here many times since, and if anything, I feel safer wandering about when they’re here. Everyone’s nice that I see near the site, and clearly there is a dedication to making a positive impression.

    I wish I had enough backyard, because then they could stay there all the time they wanted!

    At any rate, thanks for the patrols, and all the best to Tent City.

  2. Man that is a tough corner for any shop owner. What’s amazing is that there is a SPD annex there (at least I think it’s still there). What gives? How is this intersection still such a blight in the neighborhood? How does somebody get away while carrying a large TV anyway?