Times: Census data shows Central District mostly white for first time in 60 years

The Seattle Times features the history of Immaculate Conception Church to explore the demographic changes in the neighborhoods of the area revealed in the 2010 census numbers.

For the first time in 60 years, more than half of the neighborhood’s residents — 58 percent — are white, according to recently released census data. The shift began in the 1990s, when the Central Area started becoming whiter and wealthier — changes accepted, and sometimes lamented, by residents.

It’s an interesting take on the census data with beautiful photography. We’ll have more local looks at the 2010 census in coming days as we crunch the numbers and wrangle the mapping software.

0 thoughts on “Times: Census data shows Central District mostly white for first time in 60 years

  1. sweet! more info to deliniate and divide and separate us on outdated stereotypes. Let’s increase wasted energy in white guilt and balck anguish.

  2. I’m sure this data can be used for good or evil, but this is just data that lets us know who makes up our neighborhood. Sure, the categories are flawed, but I’d still like to understand what was counted and how it was counted, and who the federal government thinks our neighborhood is composed of. Thanks for crunching the numbers and trying to make some sense of it for us, Central District Staff.

  3. Rather than focusing on the race card this article brings up, I’d like to come up with an idea of how to keep the church open. I live a few blocks away and though I avoid organized religion at all costs (after a lifetime of indoctrination) I would still like to see this church open and alive in some ways. I believe the school building is already leased to Lake Washington Girls School.

    If the Catholics are open and accepting, would they consider renting the space to other religious organizations, specifically some of the smaller Protestant churches popping up in the area? Would the diocese even consider this? Even if the services are modern and run differently, there is nothing like attending a church service in a beautiful old cathedral – and singing in a space like that is amazing.

  4. Thank you very much for the data on our neighborhood. The CD’s demographic churn over the past 60 years helps make it the great diverse place it is today. I look forward to the CD over the next 10 years, it’ll still be the best in Seattle.

  5. They’re closing Immaculate Conception? That’s a shame. I’ve never been in there, but I love the bells.

  6. They’re not closing it, yet. The congregation is struggling to keep it open because it’s shrinking. You should read the article for more info – it gives you more understanding of the situation.

  7. The change in demographics is not surprising as it has been changing throughout the city down south to Renton, Kent, and Federal Way. The diversity is still apparent and that is most important.

  8. Not to mention the racism felt in the central district towards youth of color, and garfield is whiter than a blank sheet of paper but its okay right? This Is A Retorical Question.