SPD: Man used car remote to trap would-be auto thief

A report sent to CDNews by East Precinct command is a textbook illustration of what you should do if you encounter a similar situation, SPD says, and an example of quick thinking on the part of the victim. The report sent to us doesn’t indicate where in the CD this incident went down (UPDATE: We’ve learned it occurred in the 800 block of 24th Ave S) — but you have to appreciate the smart move by the man who slowed the juvenile thief with a push of a button:

On the morning of 3/22/11 at 6AM in the Central District, a resident heard noises outside of his house. When he looked outside he saw the suspect in his car (which was parked in the driveway) with a flash light, and the resident could also hear that the suspect was trying to start the car.

The resident wisely did not contact the suspect, but called 911. Four officers were dispatched to the area and quickly responded. When the resident (victim) saw officers responding, he used his Car remote to lock the doors while the suspect was in the vehicle.

Officers safely approached the vehicle, and they were able to get the suspect to exit the car, and placed him into custody without further incident. While searching the suspect, officers located the victim’s Visa Debit card in the suspect’s pocket. The officers also checked other areas and found that the suspect had also broken into a vehicle near the car the suspect was arrested from.

Officers treated the suspect with respect, and advised him of his rights. The suspect then began talking to the officers. The suspect told them his name, and the high school that he attends. The officers contacted the Youth Service Center and discovered that the suspect had three previous felonies. The suspect was booked into the Youth Service Center.

0 thoughts on “SPD: Man used car remote to trap would-be auto thief

  1. How is this kid still walking around? Felonies are serious crimes. I know in most states he would have been given 25 years if he was an adult. I can’t imagine this kid in a few years with the path he is on. Great job neighbor on the way you handled this.

  2. This kid is Juvey. The three strikes law only pertains to adults. I can almost guarantee this rat is out of Juvey already waiting on his court date. Our justice system is awesome.

  3. Only certain felonies (the more serious ones) are subject to the three strikes law. And as just noted by upd, the law applies only to adult offenders.

  4. This is what technology can do. I’m glad that this thief was caught.

  5. Couldn’t the thief just unlock the car from the inside, manually?

    At any rate, you couldn’t ask for a better outcome. I’ve had my car and home burglarized very near to this location.. I wasn’t as lucky.