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Self Defense for Women

Ever have a close encounter of the creepy kind?

You know those encounters: a young dude eyeballing you across the parking lot or on the bus, a guy in your yoga class asking you out after you’ve said no several times, or the too-chatty friend of a friend asking too many too personal questions. Maybe your brother-in-law is giving you a look that gives you the chills, a new co-worker’s overly-personal questions puts you on edge, or a client’s comments suggest his prime interest isn’t business. Let’s face it, every female over the age of 14 (and many under that age) has experienced a creepy approach.

And this thought flashes through your mind: Could he, would he harm me?

In this class you will learn how to answer that question. And, if the answer is yes, what to do about it.

In just 5 weeks you’ll learn the 3 critical safety lessons: how to ID when someone’s planning an assault, how to interrupt the assault planning with your voice and body language, and simple effective physical skills. You’ll learn about real risks and assailant tricks, vulnerable targets and powerful impacts, and releases from the most common grabs. This is a great class to take with a friend — emPOWERment has never been more fun.

Class begins Tuesday evening March 29

th.  Find more information at, or register online at .

PS – Remember, class space is limited to ensure each student gets lots of attention, so sign up today!

0 thoughts on “Self Defense for Women

  1. “releases from the most common grabs”

    Everyone could benefit from learning these. I’ve used them often throughout my life and I’m not female.

    Very useful knowledge!

  2. That’s alright. I’m not a lesbian :)

    Or are you saying that if you were single the price would also be $150?

  3. Tuesday is Ladies Night. All-you-can-eat.

    Come practice your common grabs and releases!