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Help needed: Spring Squire Park Spring Newsletter Delivery Volunteer Call

Dear Volunteers:  Squire Park  boundaries are 12th  to 23rd, and E. Union to S. Jackson

The newsletter will be ready to bundle very soon and the bundles for delivery could be on your porch this weekend and ready for pickup at my home sooner.  However, the need for volunteers is great.  We have recently lost some of the loyal group to jobs in Maryland, Virginia, and Texas.  If enough volunteers step forward now,  you will have two weekends to get your bundle delivered. This is a great season to get out and meet neighbors.  I look forward to hearing from many of you soon,  206-329-8514  or email: [email protected].  Remember a greater number of volunteers  means  less  work for each person.

Please let me know your name, address, and phone # and the bundle to be delivered will be delivered to your home with a map indicating your route.

Thank you for your continued service to the Squire Park Community Council. 

Joanna Cullen


0 thoughts on “Help needed: Spring Squire Park Spring Newsletter Delivery Volunteer Call

  1. Joanna,

    I’m unavailable this weekend but I’m interested in helping with future mailings or at a later date. I’d be happy to do a few blocks.You have my email address. Let me know how I can help.


  2. In case there was a misunderstanding about when the newsletters are to be delivered, I want to clarify. They will be available this weekend and hopefully all delivered before our meeting on April 9th. Anyway all assistance is welcome.

  3. Hi Joanna,

    Is there a general length of time or a range of time that it takes to deliver? I take my dog for long walks on the weekend anyway, so depending on time commitment it’s easy enough to multitask. However I also work on the weekends, so I’d want to make sure I’d have enough time.

  4. and tend to vary with the number of volunteers. I would say that most routes require 150 to 250 newsletters (it is most desirable to keep them 200 and under). Of course, it takes less time per/copy to place a few in a lobby than it does to deliver just one to various doors. There are also a few people who take less or more by special request. I would put about 2.5 to three hours for a route of 200. Hills and steep walkways also affect the amount of time walking a route requires. From the maps I use I cannot see hills, but try to be somewhat aware of not giving one person a route that continues for several blocks along a street where most of the entrances are steep. Alleys sometimes work for those homes. If you like to walk, you would probably enjoy delivering a few. I won’t promise that some of it won’t seem a bit of a chore.

  5. I would rather hear from some who want smaller or specific routes than not to hear. There are sometimes quirky little areas that could easily be filled in with someone who volunteers for something specific. Of course, I love to hear from those willing to do any assigned area around their homes or businesses or from those who are willing to take a route not directly connected to their residence or bussiness.