CDN Pics: Supermoon? March ‘supersun’ at the car wash


Saturday’s sunshine had the neighborhood eager to get out and clean up their ride.

The Sea Suds self-serve car wash, by the way, has been undergoing a clean-up of its own recently.

Looking sharp, everybody.

0 thoughts on “CDN Pics: Supermoon? March ‘supersun’ at the car wash

  1. Great job cutting the laurel bushes.Makes it more open and seems safer. Thank you

  2. Really it is such an eyesore, I hope they plant some nice trees and plants! Safety can also come with beauty.

  3. Liver & Janelle, Thank you for your comments. Absolutely, we plan on planting nice new trees, ground cover and flowers. It will look pretty gauranteed!

  4. I feel safer without the trees there, too. There was some sketchy stuff one could come upon previously, causing me on one occasion to back my car right back out of the space and leave. No one wants to be bent over inside their car with a loud vacuum going when some druggie with his pants open is lying between the shrubs in front of the car.

    As for the commenter saying the carwash is an eyesore, as compared to what? That entire intersection?