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Will some students have no access to school?

Update: Once I looked at the maps and talked to someone in transportation I have a different understanding:

Those intermediary boundaries are huge.

I was only reading the documents that are on the agenda.  They could be more clear.  After looking at the maps and speaking with someone in the transportation, I understand that the maps indicate that the attendance area would be included.  Interestingly, the transportation plan tends to continue to support some choice more than I thought was implied in the written documents. 

I was also mistakenly thinking that “assigned school” implied “neighborhood attendance area school”.  Assigned means the school your student is attending.

Sorry to have this misunderstanding. 



I just added the clarification that this is up for vote by the School Board tomorrow night.

Hi all, as I closely examine the new transportation plan that the school board will vote on  tomorrow night, I worry that that this area (Area 4) is being guaranteed transportation to Stevens only through 2013.  I just don’t understand why transportation would not permanently allow all students in their attendance area who are not in the walk zone to be in the transportation zone.  Much of area 4, the Stevens area south of E. Madison would be more than 1.25 miles from the school and would be within what is being defined as the intermediary boundaries for transportation. The proposal before  the Board allows transportation for students who live in the attendance area and within 1.25 miles of the school and not in the walk zone for the school.  It Then goes on to say that for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 intermediary boundaries for transportation would include the attendance area.  Then what?  Some students would be left without transportation or a walk zone for their guaranteed attendance area school or any school.

Intermediary here implies temporary, meaning that after that they would have to live in the attendance are and be within 1.25 miles of the school in order to receive transportation.  Those who lived in the attendance area and more than 1.25 miles from the  school would not receive transportation.  Too bad for those students.  They would have to find their own way to the only school to which they are guaranteed assignment or take their chances and try choosing other schools.  What if they live in an area that is in no walk zone.  Too bad again they would not receive transportation.since they don’t live in the attendance area.  Are we supporting neighborhood boundaries for stability and predictability?  Something is very wrong here.  Address boundary changes if that is what you want to address.  However, if I live even 5 miles from a school you make my neighborhood attendance area school then I should especially receive transportation unless I live in the walk zone, right?  Are students to be shut out of their assigned schools due to the lack of transportation?

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Quote:“Intermediary Boundaries for each Attendance Area School shall be drawn to automatically extend transportation and or walk boundary eligibility to all students within these boundaries during school years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.”




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