Two alleged assaults by cab drivers in area

Seattle Crime reports a second cab driver attack in the area in recent weeks. The first incident occurred at Seattle University. University campus security sent an alert to staff and faculty about an alleged sexual assault by a cab driver in a university parking garage. After driving a female student to the garage January 29, the driver allegedly locked the cab doors and began to assault her. She was able to scream and escape the cab. Police are investigating the incident.

Today, Seattle Crime reports that a cab driver allegedly attacked a woman who was unable to pay the fare. The woman hailed a Yellow Cab in Georgetown around 10 a.m. February 13. When the cab arrived at 23rd and Madison, she realized she did not have money to pay the fare, and the driver got angry.

From Seattle Crime:

The woman told police the cab driver’s actions frightened her, ad she tried to get out of the back seat of the cab.

The driver then reached in the back seat and grabbed at a growler of beer the woman was carrying.

The woman struggled with the driver, who wrestled the growler away from her.

The woman then tried to get out of the cab, but the driver grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into the vehicle, the report says.

A bystander apparently saw the fracas and paid the woman’s fare.

The bystander and victim were able to get the cab number and contacted the police and cab company about the incident.

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