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Judkins Street Cafe, another Bomb?

It seems that 2608 Judkins is bad juju for restaurants.

Nothing in that address ever did really well. Either they were poorly funded, not well though-out, filthy or just bad.

Surprised to see Charlies go, they had good burgers and fries. Although no one has seemed to put in more than $100 in decor since Casuelita’s left.

When I went by JSC today, I wanted to see what was going on. No menu posted, or hours of operation on the windows. Wanted to look in, couldn’t windows were FILTHY! So here we go again… another PILE!


0 thoughts on “Judkins Street Cafe, another Bomb?

  1. I totally agree. I think the place is jinxed. It’s too bad, I suspect the owner of the building keeps telling people how *he* got his start there (Casualita’s) and just look how well he’s doing. Bah. I wish that place’s track record would be posted.

    Maybe it’s houses goin to sh*t on the hill there that keep peeps away; they make the area look sketch.