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Girls Self-defense Six week series 7-12yrs

Girls 7-12 years are invited to participate in a six week self-defense and empowerment series, presented by Harmony Arts!    Mondays 5:45-6:45pm , starts Monday Feb 21st. $60 for the series, some scholarships are available.   Located at 16th and S. Main St.  in the central district.  Contact for details:  (206) 229-7582    [email protected]

 Girls will practice self-defense skills including, boundary setting, verbal de-escalation, walking away from a situation, saying no, escaping grabs, street safety & strikes kicks. Group includes yoga, relaxation techniques and elements of kung fu & dance. Games, small & large group discussions and writing enhance the skills taught. We empower girls to build positive social skills, body image, boundaries, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-expression. Confidential group creates a safe and supportive environment for girls to grow to their fullest potential. Instructors are sensative to issues of trauma and general adolescent challenges. No belt ranking in this class

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