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Charlie’s Flame Broiled Burgers go cold

Just over a year ago Charlie’s Flame Broiled Burgers opened their doors at 2608 S Judkins in the Central District. Charlie’s was featured on the Central District News Blog at the end of 2010, and the owner and manager said that business had been good and they had big plans for 2011. On February 6th Charlie’s announced on their web site that they would be closing their doors February 12th, which caught many by surprise.  

Owner Daniel Urenda said that though business has been “pretty steady,” he has back problems that are forcing him out of the restaurant business for a while.  He will be having surgery to repair five ruptured disks in his spine and then will have to be off his feet for a few months.  

“We’re just not busy enough to stay open and have a manager run it when I can’t work,” he said. Urenda said he and his wife owned the building Charlie’s is housed in, as well as the restaurant they opened in Everett last year.  They have sold both properties and hope to reopen Charlie’s in another CD location in about six months. 

“But we’re not going to leave you hanging,” Urenda said.  The new purchasers of the restaurant at 2608 S Judkins plan to immediately open the Judkins Street Cafe on February 14th.  Urenda said the new owner, Michael McGloin, a Madison Valley resident, plans to serve comfort food in the new establishment.  “We tried really hard to find someone who would be a good fit for the community,” said Urenda.  Judkins Street Cafe will be McGloin’s first restaurant, but he’s hired a chef named Steel, a Capitol Hill and Central District resident for many decades, to work his magic in the kitchen.

“You’re in good, capable hands,” said Urenda.  “If the community shows Judkins Street Cafe the same support they’ve showed us, it’s going to be great.”  

Central District residents have four more days to get into Charlie’s for a big juicy burger before the business closes. Urenda said they will be updating their fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter as they look to reopen later this year when Urenda is back on his feet.  In the meantime, we have a new business to welcome to the Central District. 

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  1. I wanted to make one correction to the article. The owner of Charlies is Daniel and the restaurant was named after his brother. Daniel has been a terrific resource in helping us get ready for a rapid opening, understanding the tastes and best offerings for a cafe in this neighborhood and making introductions to his customers. We hope we can do as well as Daniel in providing excellent food and service for you.

    Please come by next week and say hello!


  2. Thank you for the clarification. I will correct the article. When I interviewed him I said, “So you’re Charlie?” and he said, “Yes,” but maybe he misheard me on the phone.

    Michael, I look forward to talking with you soon to do an article on your new place. Will you be available to talk on Sunday? Please email me at lizwas13 @ gmail . com

    Thanks for the correction!

  3. Michael,

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve lived w/in one block of your soon-to-be cafe for over 8 yrs and am crossing my fingers that your cafe plans include cafe hours and espresso and pastry/donut/muffin offerings! I believe you have an untapped stream of business waiting for you if you will consider keeping “cafe” hours and being available for morning and afternoon coffee drinks for the community of parents that now stream in and out of Thurgood Marshall school. There are also plenty of neighbors who would love to give their “morning latte” dollars to a locally owned cafe – – and lots of bike commuters moving along the I-90 bike trail that would love a good place for a break.

    The Meza Luna Cafe that previously occupied the space almost had the recipe for success for that location, but unfortunately, only opened after 8:30am and so missed a lot of the morning traffic.

    The neighborhood loved their Stumptown coffee offerings!

    Hope these comments may be useful..
    Best of luck!

  4. Yay, Michael! Welcome. I’d like to add, Mezza Luna closed before the new school program began at Thurgood Marshall, so they never got to take advantage of all those parents driving in from as far away as West Seattle. Parents and staff have badly wanted a plain old cafe nearby. If Mezza Luna could have stuck it out a few more months, they would have been ok.
    Also, you will find takers for vegan options. Nuff said.