Slushy Wednesday morning update

A Tuesday night of snow has turned into a Wednesday morning of slush but things aren’t quite back to normal, yet. Here’s the latest on roads, Metro and area schools. If you have information to add, please let us know in comments.

Main routes are slushy but mostly clear. You can check out conditions with the SDOT traffic cams. Side streets and sidewalks are very slushy — wear some good shoes and if you are driving, be careful off main routes and in parking lots.

Here’s SDOT’s most recent update sent out just after midnight.

City streets have seen approx. 2 inches of snow. SDOT clearing roadways to achieve bare/wet snow routes 8-12 hours after snow stops.


As of the start of service Wednesday, nearly all Metro bus routes in all King County Metro Snow Areas
are on their designated snow reroutes. Not all routes have snow routing, but most do.

Route 38 & Route 45 are canceled for the morning commute; a decision about their PM operation will be made
later in the day.

The Route 90 Hospital Shuttle is not operating Wednesday morning.

Route 121 & Route 131 are operating their regular routes.

Buses may also be delayed due to road conditions and reroutes. Please use your route’s regular schedule
to plan your travel, but be prepared for delays and allow yourself plenty of time.

Metro expects to maintain this status throughout the morning peak time and begin returning to regular service
after 9:00 AM.

Visit Metro Online or check a timetable for the snow routing for routes you use. Watch for updates
after 9:00 AM and as conditions change.

Seattle Public Schools will be running two hours late on regular bus routes this morning.

Both Seattle Central and Seattle University are delaying the opening of campuses until 10 AM. Any early classes are canceled.

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